The 1967 model year Dodge GTS was limited to only 457 units. This total represents both hardtop and convertible combined. However, we do have numbers for 4 speed and automatic production numbers. Only 229 4-speeds and 228 automatic 383 GTS were produced! This was due to a late production introduction. The '67 cars were only equipped with the 383 Magnum. They retained the GT badging overall, but gained a GTS 383 Four Barrel emblem on the front fenders. Distinguished by its smooth and uncomplicated badging, flat hood, and NO side markers. The '67 set the tone.

We will omit the last three digits of the VIN at the OWNER'S REQUEST! Please include the complete VIN in your email so we can place it in the proper order of production!

Please ~click~ on the highlighted words to view the pictures the owner has sent along to share!!

Also.....for the 1967-1968 GTS Registry, we have incorporated Alan Miller's GTS Registry into the version you are reading now. This was mentioned on the main page of the GTS Registry! There are some entries that are listed in both Alan's and this version of the GTS Registry. These will be shown with a ## (numeral sign) highlighted VIN. All the other entries that Alan had are displayed at the end of this page. We are doing this to keep the information available to possibly reunite a past and current GTS owner. Maybe it will help bring a couple more GTSs out of the woodwork? Who knows. But it is useful information that Alan had gathered in the pre-internet days that we do NOT want to see fade away! THANKS! to Alan!!!!!!!
Don't Forget!!! Check out the handy "Reference Pictures" at the bottom of the page. Hopefully these can provide some valuable information for your project!


The 1967 Registry:

Currently, 44 1967 GTS are Registered!

  • 22- 727 automatic
  • 20- 4 speed
    Note: this number does not match to the total number of 1967 GTSs registered due to incomplete owner info!!

  • LP23H72275***: GTS#121: Gary is secretive about his geographic location. He lives in the upper midwest! But he's not so secretive about the information on this early build 1967 GTS. This one was built on Febuary 17, 1967 and shipped to Mr. Norm at Grand-Spaulding Dodge! Gary is restoring this piece of history. It is a Bright Blue with black bucket seat interior 383/4 speed car. The interesting feature is this is a "heater delete" car!

  • LP23H72275***: GTS#474: Randy S. from Illinois owns this 1967 383 GTS. He bought the car from the original owner in 1969 when Randy was a young lad of 19. This was Randy's first car and his daily driver thru college. This GTS is PP1 Red with a black interior. The 383 is backed by a 4 speed and a set or 3.23 gears. Randy is in the process of restoring his faitghful GTS and is about 85% complete. This GTS was also bought thru Grand Sapulding Dodge and is only 2 cars behind GTS#121 (listed above) in VIN order!! Photo update: 2/17/2016 Randy has completed the restoration of his '67 GTS. This is how it looks now!! Great looking GTS!

  • LP23H72276***: GTS#422: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Joe L. is the current (10/28/2015) owner. The following is the original listing-- Charles from MA is the fifth owner of this QQ1 Dark Red Metallic 1967 383 GTS. Originally sold at Carroll Motor Co. in Elmira, NY, this 383 GTS was equipped with a 4 speed, 3.23 SG gears, and a black bucket seat interior and front disc brakes.

  • LP23H72277***: GTS#310: A Big Sky Country GTS joins the GTS Registry!! Dell B. from Montana owns this 1967 4 gear 383 GTS. PP1 Red with a white vinyl top and a red interior. Dell has been keeping his GTS stored for the past 20 years in a heated garage.

  • LP23H72279***: GTS#193: This 1967 has come a long way! From Louisiana to Maine to New Hampshire! Daryll D. from NH is finishing up the resto on this blue with white interior 383 A/T GTS!

  • LP27H72281***: GTS#423: This 4 speed 383 convertible 1967 GTS was bought by William in NJ as a resto project for him and his two sons to work on. The bad news is there is a lot of work to be done, but the good news is that he can now spend lots of time with his boys rebuilding this 1967 GTS! There were only 229 4 speed GTSs built for 1967 and that number combines the hardtops and the convertibles. Considering that fewer convertibles were built, that makes this a pretty rare car. William reports that there are only 50,000 miles showing on the odometer and the car has been parked in a backyard for at least 15 years. The 383 is long gone, but a 413 will be bolted in front of the original 4 speed box. It appears that this was a HH1 Dark Copper Metallic car with a black soft top.

  • LP23H72281***: GTS#118: Built on March 3, 1967 this ZZ1 Metallic Gold with black vinyl top GTS is owned by Joe M. from PA. This is a bare bones 383 car. The only option appears to be the vinyl top and the 727 Torqueflite. So few options, that it is even a "radio delete" car. Joe and his wife Eileen did the restoration themselves. Joe's GTS has won 1st in Class at Chryslers at Carlisle 2003! If you thought it looked good in 2003, then you should see it in a new coat of ZZ1 applied in 2004!!

  • LP23H72284***: GTS#571: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE##: Now owned By John V. in Alberta, Canada as of 2/25/2015. Original listing follows: Cal and Bev S. keep their 1967 383 GTS at their winter home in Arizona. Originally spending its life in California, it didn't move far to AZ. Built on Monday 3-6-1967 the GTS wasn't sold until October 1967! It is painted WW1 White with a black bucket seat interior and still sports its ORIGINAL interior! The GTS was painted once in the 1980's but remains almost completely original. A 727 and a set of 3.91's back up the 383. Original paperwork came with the GTS. Has a factory warranty replacement 383 block and has power disc brakes.

  • LP23H72289***: GTS#332: ## OWNERSHIP UPDATE #2 ## Mark K. from Alberta, Canada owns GTS#332 as of 10/2014......## OWNER UPDATE #1 ##: Chris H. from Ontario Canada now owns this very original 1967 383 GTS. Here is the original listing: Bill S. dragged this 1967 GTS out of a garage in 12/06. Not wanting another project car after building his 1964 Polara 500, Bill couldn't pass this one up once he figured out it was a real 383 GTS instead of "just" a 1967 GT!! Built on March 3, 1967, this PP1 Red with red interior GTS was sold for $800 in 1977!! The owner wanted to do a restoration on the car. After pulling the 383 and transmission, the car sat until Bill rescued it!! Options included the "recall" wood grain steering wheel, disc brakes, remote LH mirror, console tachometer and the very unique one head rest ONLY on the passenger bucket seat. One, or two, head rests were optional for the GTS in 1967, 1968, and even into 1969 until 1-1-1969.

  • LP23H72291***: GTS#202: Dan from California owns this original 383 automatic equipped GTS. Red bodywork with black vinyl top and interior. This GTS also features buckets, console, console tachometer, wood grain steering wheel, power brakes, "mag" style hub caps and HEAD RESTS! Dan also has the broadcast sheet, and Certi-Card.

  • LP23H72296***: GTS#528: Dan has owned his 1967 383 GTS since 1993. The previous owner had the GTS since 1980. Built on Tuesday March 21, 1967, Dan's GTS is still all original, and is painted RR1 Bright Yellow with a black vinyl top and white/black interior. The 383 is backed with a 4 speed. The only option that Dan mentions are manual disc brakes!

  • LP23H72296*** GTS#659: This 1967 GTS comes to the GTS Registry via Germany where Arne is the happy owner. Arne has the Certi-Card bearing the original owners name and purchase date of 5-1-67. The 383 GTS is backed with the 727 and 3.23 SG gears. It is painted PP1 Red with a black bucket seat interior. Arne's GTS was also the very next car built after GTS #528 listed above.

  • LP23H72297***: GTS#695: Mark A. from British Columbia is the second owner of this 1967 GTS. He bought it from the original owner in 1975 for $2500. The GTS was originally bought in Victoria, BC in 1967. The original owner had gone down the custom street machine path before Mark picked it up. Originally AA1 Silver with a blue bucket seat console interior, Owner #1 painted it blue with custom pinstripping, mag wheels, custom blue metalflake interior, removal of the trunk panel trim, and removal of the console and console tach in favor of a Hurst shifter. Mark is returning his GTS to its factory OE glory. The 383 is backed by a 4 speed and 3.23 SG gears. Other options include fendertop signals, LH remote mirror, power disc brakes, Am radio, 3 speed wipers, and bumperettes.

  • LP23H72300***: GTS #707: Bob N. from Illinois is the 2nd owner of this solid black 1967 GTS. This low optioned car was sold on April 8, 1967 through Grand-Spaulding Dodge in Chicago. No console, no radio. Only the 383 4 speed and a 3.23 SG rear end. The 383 has been replaced by a Hughes built 440 and the 4 speed has been switched to a manual shifted 727. This is a 21,000 original mile car that still wears its original BB1 Black paint and original interior!

  • LP27H72306***: GTS#242: Wes in Maine owns this 383 4 speed first year GTS convertible that has been in storage since 1979. This is Wes's first car that he picked up in 1976. Formerly a gold with black convetible top and interior car, it is now GTS Dave's favorite color combo: black on black on black!

  • LP23H72309***: GTS#95: Damian H. from Ohio owns this black on black 1967 GTS, it has an automatic trans and is currently undergoing a full restoration. Damian comes from a GTS family as is father owned a 68.

  • LP23H72311***: GTS#532: Gordon C. has an original 1967 383 GTS that came thru OK before landing in Gordon's hands in Arkansas. Built on Thursday, April 6, 1967 it left the Hamtramck, MI plant painted PP1 Bright Red. The bucket seat interior is red/white. The 383 is backed up with a 4 speed and a set of 3.23 gears. Other options include tinted windshield, front disc brakes, AM radio, LH remote mirror and fendertop turn signals. Gordon's GTS is in original/unrestored condition and it looks real nice!

  • ##LP23H72315***: GTS#23: BY FAR, the most intriguing account here in the 67-68-69 Registry. Bought new in May of 1967 from Carl Price Dodge-Lincoln-Mercury in Jasper, AL. as a high school graduation present. This 383 GTS is still with the same owner. 383, automatic, 3.23 SG, buckets and console are wrapped up in an all red body and dark red interior in need of a restoration. The 98,000 mile GTS has been thru a restoration, and then was detroyed by a tornado!!!!! Now brought back, it sports a 440 6pack (installed in '71), custom interior and rims. Joe M. is the proud owner.

  • LP23H72316***: GTS#119: This 383 GTS has traveled across the country and back. Built in MI on April 19, 1967 it was initially delivered to Lewiston Dodge in Lewiston, Idaho. Then it was shipped to a Dodge dealership in Grant's Pass, Oregon. Now it resides back east in NY owned by Carl K. It has the HH1 Dark Copper Metallic paint, no vinyl top and the medium copper interior. Originally, this was a 3.23 geared 4 speed car with manual disc brakes. Carl is restoring the GTS with plans of completion in June of 2004. He is installing 3.55 gears, TTi headers and a 750 Edelbrock AFB on a single plane intake!

  • LP23H72317***: GTS #699: This super pristine 1967 GTS is owned by Ron W. from Arizona. This GTS was built on Thursday April 20, 1967 is is completely numbers matching! With only 74,500 miles showing, Ron's GTS was given a rotisserie restoration. Painted PP1 Red with a black bucket seat console interior. The 383 is backed by a 727 auto trans and 3.23 gears.

  • LP23H72319***: GTS#240: Robert from CT just picked up this southern 1967 GTS and had it shipped north to CT!! This is a fairly solid car, but Robert will be doing a full-blown rotissiere restoration on this 1 of 228 automatic equipped first year GTS!! Orignal Cream Yellow with black interior. AM radio, console, and front disc brakes were on the option check-off list. Robert and his family are definately a MOPAR family. He and his son will be doing simultaneous restos on his GTS and a 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T!!

  • LP23H72320***: GTS#228: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Mike B. from New Jersey now owns this restored 1967 383 GTS. Here is the original listing: David from Tennessee is in the process of restoring his AA1 Hand Buffed Silver GTS. Don't know how David finds time as his GTS shares garage space with 12 other Mopars and 3 Mustangs!!! Built on April 24, 1967, this GTS was equipped with the 383, 727 Torqueflite, 3.23 SureGrip, black vinyl top, and the dark red bucket seat interior with radio delete. One sharp looking GTS with that red interior and silver body!

  • LP23H72321***: GTS#490: Joe P. in Northern California just bought this SOLID, black plate, former drag car 1967 GTS. It currently sports the usual mods such as fender well headers, cut rear wheel wells, and a fiberglass hood scoop. Joe is planning on restoring his 1 of 228 383/727 GTS back to original stock condition. This 1967 GTS is BB1 Black with a black interior.

  • LP27H72329***: GTS#174: Lewis from Seattle, WA owns this red, all original, GTS convertible. This '67 has a white top and interior and it is a number match 383 and automatic combination. Lewis traded in a Austin-Healey MKIII 3000 in 1969 to buy his GTS. In 1974, the vehicle was involved in a collision. Unable to sell the car for $500, Lewis has wisely kept the car! It is now time for a ground up restoration and Lewis is busy accumuating parts to start the project. Lewis is a "car guy" by every definition! He has also owned 55 Crown Vic, 37 Ford two door w/ Flatty, 59 Impala 409, 53 Ford Crestliner, and a 1964 Malibu 283!

  • LP23H72329***: GTS#545: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Dave has purchased the 1967 GTS and will be restoring it to resemble his first car as a senior i high school- a Silver Poly '67 GTS! Kyle H. from Portland, OR is the third owner of this 1967 383 4 Speed GTS! The original owner had parked the '67 since 1980. The second owner recently purchased the GTS and sold it to Kyle. The fender wells have been cut for headers, and the rear inner wheel wells had been cut to make way for wheel tubs!! Kyle has an otherwise solid foundation to start his restoration project. The GTS originally came with QQ1 Dark Red paint and a black bucket seat interior. The engine and trans are missing at this time as well.

  • LP23H72329***: GTS#352: Another "original owner" story! Ralph B. from Washington state has an unusual story behind his GTS. Ralph bought his 1967 383 4 speed GTS in May of 1967 towards the end of the 1967 model year. It is CC1 Medium Blue with a blue interior. He bought it five (5) months after he got of the US Army (THANKS for serving Ralph!). He rolled up 280,000 miles on the 383 before it was stolen in 1989!! The car was returned to Ralph just recently in 2007!! Do the math between those two years!! It has spent 18 years abandoned in the forest!! Missing was the 383, trans, Z-bar assembly, driver's door, rocker panel, and chrome trim. Excavation of the area surrounding where the car was found has turned up many missing pieces! Ralph is a dedicated GTS owner and he will be restoring his 1967 GTS!!! In 2011 Ralph started the restoration. He has a proper date coded 383 block and the restoration will be complete! This GTS not only saw duty for Ralph at the drag strip, but this special GTS was used a teaching tool for Mrs. Ralph to learn how to drive, and their first child learned how to drive in the GTS as well! What an influence learning to drive a 383 4 speed GTS!

  • LP23H72329***: GTS#472: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Eric from in Wisconsin now owns the completed 1967 GTS as of March, 2018. Here is the original listing: Paul lives in south Florida and just bought this 1967 383 GTS. Formerly from Massachusetts, this GTS is a project car that the former owner was going to scrap before Paul came along in the nick of time. The fender tag is pitted, but Paul can see this GTS was RR1 Yellow with a white vinyl top. The drivetrain is intact, and this GTS also had a console tach and front disc brakes.

  • LP23H723328**: GTS#25: 1967 383 automatic GTS owned by Jim R.

  • LP23H723329**: GTS#26: 383 4 speed GTS also owned by Jim R. Built 40 cars after his other '67!

  • ##LP23H72336***: GTS#273: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Tony G. from Michigan now owns GTS #273. The GTS was recently featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines February 2014 issue!! Here is the original entry: Kris from the Motor City now owns this restored 1967 383 GTS. Originally listed in the Alan Miller Registry, this car was shown as being in Ontario, Canada in the late 1980's. It has a build date of 5-15-67. It is back in its original MM1 Turbine Bronze skin with a black vinyl top and black interior. A 727 backs up the 1968 casting 383!

  • LP23H72337***: GTS#304: Our first entry for July, 2006 and it's a 1967 383 GTS!! Craig from Idaho owns this former California car that was scheduled to be built on May 15, 1967. 383 4 speed with a 3.23 SureGrip gear propel this PP1 with black interior and black vinyl top first year GTS!!

  • LP23H72340***: GTS#586: Todd from Massachusetts owns this original 1967 383 GTS that was built in May, 1967. Formerly painted RR1 Bright Yellow, it is now Blue but the GTS retains its black interior. The 383 is backed by a 727 auto trans and 3.23 gears.

  • LP23H72340***: GTS#388: Jim F. from Illinois is the third owner of this very unique 1967 383 GTS. First, the basics: this is a 1967 383 GTS with a 727 Torquflite and 3.23 SG gears. Now, what makes it unique! Jim's '67 was purchased on 6-2-1967 and only has 21,000 original miles on the clock. The first owner burnt a piston back in 1971, and TOTALLY DISASSEMBLED the car in the process of rebuilding the 383!!! The second owner came along, and bought up the shell and all the boxes. Now Jim owns the collection of parts and he is planning on putting it back together circa 1971 right down the a pair of Thrush Sidewinder side pipes!! The GTS is rust free and the original paint will be retained with just a good buffing out. The color of this GTS?? It is a WE2 paint code. That's a two tone factory paint job with a Dark Blue Poly body and a white PAINTED top.

  • ##LP23H72344***: GTS#256: Wow! Another old "Alan Miller Registry" GTS surfaces!! Mike from Ohio has had his 1967 Bright Red 383 GTS in storage for the past ten years. He gave up his house instead of the GTS in a divorce settlement! Now THAT'S dedication!! It is now being fully restored to its former glory!!

  • LP23H72344***: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## LP23H72344*** GTS# 215 is now owned by Tony M. from Iowa. Updated 6/14/2017 HEre is the original listing: GTS#215: Purchasing this 383 GTS from its former owner in Tennessee, Jeremy is its current proud owner! This 1967 is white, with a black bench seat interior and 4 speed trans!

  • LP23H72344***: GTS#591: Joe M. bought this 1967 383 GTS out of Texas in 2005. A 727 backs up the 383 in this blue 1967.

    LP23H72346***: GTS#461: Having owned a 1969 GTS 21 years ago, George from CA decided the water was just right and jumped back into a GTS. This time, George's GTS is a 1967! Built on Friday, May 24, 1967 and painted 881 Bright Blue, this GTS sports a console shifted 4 gear behind the 383. Originally, it had a white vinyl top and a blue interior. George will be re-installing the white top. Other options include a AM radio, 3.23 SG rear, and disc brakes. Welcome back, George.

  • LP23H72348***: GTS#64: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## GTS#64 is now owned by Maynard's son Shane in Iowa. An orignial owner GTS is that being kept in the family. Here is the original listing: Another original owner 383 GTS!!! This one is a Bright Blue with white interior GTS owned by Maynard from IL. Build date of 5-27-67, it was purchased hot off the assembly line on 5-31-67 from Birkland Auto Sales. It was stickered at $2972, with Maynard making payments of $82.57 a month for 36 months! It is about 95% restored with a black vinyl top and console. No power assist ANYTHING came on this beauty. Here is a picture that Maynard sent along as the restoration is progressing! This is what Maynard's 1967 looks like FINISHED!!

  • LP23H72348***: GTS#327: Doug from Maine is in the process of restoring this 1967 383 4 speed GTS hardtop. 1 of 229 4 speed GTS built in late 1967. Built on May 26, 1967, this GTS is 881 Bright Blue with blue interior, buckets, console, fender top signals, remote left mirror, and front disc brakes.

  • LP27H72355***: GTS#140: ##Ownership Update##: Now owned by Bill S. from AZ. This is a "celebrity" 1967 GTS!! Dark Turquoise metallic with a black interior and black convertible top!! It's rare to start with but being a 4 speed car makes this a truly rare GTS. Featured in the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Duster book written by Steve Statham, I'm sure some of you have seen this GTS before and know just how fine this car is. Formerly owned by Chris from North Carolina. Jim R.,(Member#25) listed above, helped Chris locate this car.

  • LP23H72361***: GTS#458: Jeff M. from New York is currently restoring his 1967 383 4 speed GTS back to Pure Stock specs. Built on June 13, 1967, this 881 Bright Blue Poly GTS was bought new at Hartley's Dodge City dealership in Westfield, NY. Jeff's GTS is pretty bare bones with a 4 speed and no console and a dark blue bucket seat interior and fender top signals. Jeff recently finished the restoration of his GTS. But with a 2009, his town suffered from a major flood. Jeff's GTS was submerged over the HOOD of the GTS!! Silt and muck were everywhere. YUCK! Jeff bailed out the GTS and began the expensive clean-up process. The end result is gorgeous!!

  • LP23H72365***: GTS#434: Showing only 84,000 miles, this 1967 GTS has been sitting since 1988. Dan from VA now owns this "barn find" GTS and he plans on doing a full restoration on the car. Painted RR1 Bright Yellow with a black vinyl top and it has the white/black interior. The 727 auto behind the 383 is shifted with a console shifter back to the 3.23 SG gears. Built on June 16, 1967 Dan reports his "find" is complete and solid so hopefully it makes for an easy restoration.

  • LP23H72365***: GTS#362: This is a VERY late build 1967 GTS owned by Dan T. from New Jersey. Possibly the LAST GTS built for 1967?? Dan does not have the fender tag of this vehicle so he does not know the original color. Don't let the SubLime paint, 1969 style bumble bee stripe, or the 68 hood with '69 call-outs fool you. The car sports a era-correct set of fiberglas fenders, fenderwell headers, roll cage with trimmed back seat, no interior arm rests, mini tubbed rear wheel wells, and a NHRA fuel cell in the trunk from 1967 as well. Dan reports that this 1967 GTS was built for/by Grand Spaulding Dodge with these modifications.

  • LP23H72369***: GTS#502: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Rob D. from North Carolina picked up GTS #502 from a friend who had purchased it from Brandon in Ohio. HEre is the original listing: Brandon C. is a returning veteran from Iraq and he just bought his grandfather's 1967 383 4 speed GTS. #1-THANKS for serving your country Brandon!!!!!! Grandpa bought the GTS with only 42k miles on it. He had the 383 stroked to 413 then had a problem with the installation of a set of headers. Disappointed, Grandpa stored the GTS under blankets for the next 20 years near Cleveland, OH. Brandon has returned from his deployment, and is now putting the pieces of the '67 GTS puzzle back together.

    These ~original owner~ stories make this Registry worth the effort. These stories truly enrich the history of these muscle cars! Please share YOUR story!

    Registered with the Alan Miller 1967 GTS Registry, but now M.I.A.....This will list the full VIN and the state/country the GTS was last registered in, and any other pertinent info.

  • LP23H722788**: MI. Automatic with build date of 3-1-67
  • LP23H722787**: SC.
  • LP23H722800**: MO. Automatic trans
  • LP23H722904**: MD. Automatic, build date 3-14-67
  • LP23H722947**: Alberta. 4speed, built on 3-17-67
  • LP23H723091**: AZ. 4speed
  • LP23H723153**: ##AL. Listed above##
  • LP23H723153**:
  • LP23H723153**: OR. 4speed
  • LP23H723177**: Manitoba. 4speed
  • LP23H723179**: UT. 4speed
  • LP23H723292**: MO. Automatic
  • LP23H723329**:
  • LP23H723368**: ##Ontario-now MI Built 5-15-67 Listed above##
  • LP23H723445**: ##OH. Build date 5-23-67 Listed above##
  • LP23H72******: MO. Build date 5-23-67
  • LP23H723480**: IL. 4speed

    Now, this brings up the question: WHERE DID THESE CARS DISAPPEAR TOO???? Are they crushed??? Rotting in some field or barn??? Are they ( hopefully ) still out there, and just not in cyberworld???? We have SIX (6) entries in the new GTS Registry, while there were SEVENTEEN (17) in the old Registry. Only ONE VIN is shared between the two. Are they still out there??? We need to shake the bushes and scare up some of the missing cars! Can YOU help??? Any of these "ring a bell"??? Let us know!


    1967 GTS Color Breakdown!

    Here is the breakdown by GTS color for the 1967 model year currently registered with the GTS Registry!!
    Note: This number does not equal to the number of 1967 GTSs registered due to incomplete owner info!

  • 881 Bright Blue: 7
  • CC1 Medium Blue Metallic: 1
  • ZZ1 Gold: 2
  • PP1 Red: 10
  • BB1 Black: 3
  • EE1 Dark Blue Poly: 2
  • HH1 Dark Copper: 2
  • RR1 Cream Yellow: 1
  • QQ1 Dark Red Metallic: 2
  • AA1 Hand Buffed Silver: 2
  • LL1 Dark Turquoise Metallic: 1
  • MM1 Bronze: 1
  • RR1 Bright Yellow: 4
  • WW1 White: 2
  • KK1 Dark Turquoise: 1

    click here to see the full size 1967 color chart!


    The 1968 model year introduced the purpose built 340 LA small block. This powerplant has achieved legendary status thru-out the years. Big valve heads, free flowing exhaust manifolds, high compression, forged crank, and a cam to take advantage of the situation. Many dubbed it the "Baby Hemi" due to it's high perfomance intent. The 340 only came with a four barrel AVS, and was standard equiptment on the GTS, and painted Chrysler RED! The 383 Magnum was also available in 1968. One of the controversial items in the 68 model year was the grill center nose piece. Was this standard on the GTS?? Was it an included piece with a certain option package?? Was it an early production piece? Only to be dis-continued later in the year?? Hopefully this area can shed some light on this matter!! The '68 GTS's were distinguished by their round front turnsignals, and small round sidemarker lights. Also, the first year for the hood bulges!

    8745 GTS's were produced in total for 1968! The breakdown is as follows. Hardtops: 5513 340 cars with majority being automatics with 4232 made, and 1281 4-speeds. 2112 383 GTS were produced with 1113 automatic and 991 4-speeds. For some reason, the production figures for this were based on percentage due to production figures not showing a "transmission" distribution! However, 1968 GTS convertible production is precise with 315 340 GTS, and 271 of those were autos, and the balance of 44 4-speed cars made. The 383 GTS was the most rare with a 50-50 split. Well, actually, a 40-40 split. 40 automatics and 40 4- speeds ( 80 total ) were produced for the 1968 GTS model year. This breakdown does not account for 55 GTS convertibles "for Export"!!

    The GTS also made it presence known on the drag strip as this 1968 GTS owned by Gary Davlut won the Canadian Nationals Pure Stock Eliminator Class at Keystone Dragstrip in 1968. If any of our Canadian neighbors have some history on the car let us know! See that nose piece on it??

    Image from Keystone Dragstrip's web site

    The 1968 Registry:

    Quick 1968 Currently Registered Scorecard:
    340's : 179
  • 727 Automatic: 129
  • 4 Speed: 46

    383's : 107
  • 727 Automatic: 47
  • 4 Speed: 56

    440GSS: 3--all 727 equipped

  • AutoMex built: 1

    Note: These numbers do not reflect the actual number of Registered 1968 GTSs due to incomplete owner info! PLEASE-if you submit your car's info to the GTS Registry, please-please answer all the questions in the questionaire!!

    TOTAL : 290

    Los Angeles, California Built:

  • LS23P8E1000**: GTS#245: This is currently the First LA built 1968 GTS that we have in the Registry. This vehicle is owned by a "Mopar or No Car!!" kind of guy: Shawn from the Pacific NW. Shawn found the GTS Registry through a recent issue of Mopar Action! This one is a 340, 727, 3.23 SG GTS with the original engine, trans, and 8 3/4. Shawn is the third owner of this former California GTS. He still has the original dealer plates, and the black California plates for it!!! This GTS is still sporting its original AA1 silver paint, red bumble bee, black vinyl top and black bucket seat interior. It is an early ( obviously ) GTS so it has the nose piece, along with console tach, light group, bumperettes, power sterring and power disc brakes!!

  • LS23P8E101***: GTS#500!! Wow! 500 Dodge GTS's are now registered in the GTS Registry. It has only taken about 8 years to reach this number!! Appropriately, NUMBER 500 belongs to good GTS buddy Dave H. from MN! I think Dave has about a 1/2 dozen GTS's registered! This one is a LA built 1968 340 GTS. It rolled of the Los Angeles' line on Friday August 18, 1967 which makes it a pretty early build GTS. The 340 is backed with a console shifted 727 and 3.23 SG gears. Originally, this was a SS1 Yellow GTS with black horizontal stripe which Dave has now painted black. Other options included 3 speed wipers, remote LH mirror, tinted windshield, all three mouldings, and the big boomin' AM 2 watt radio! Congrats on being #500!!!

  • LS23P8E102***: GTS#251: Another wayward LA built GTS ends up in Ontario, Canada!! Dennis has this early LA GTS safely tucked away while currently redoing the paint and bodywork. WW1 White with white/gold interior and a black transverse stripe. The GTS has a 340 with Torqueflite 727 and a 3.23 gear. Dennis's GTS has the grill center piece.

  • LS23P8E102***: GTS#72: Owned by Paul M. from CA. This, obviously, is an early production 340 GTS. Along with the August 23, 1967 build date, Paul's GTS also has the nose center grill piece! This GTS is PP1 red with black interior, but is a stripe delete car. Other options included AC, P/S, AM radio, Deluxe "mag style" wheel covers, and the 727 automatic shifted the power to a 3.23 open 8 3/4 rear. Currently the GTS is a gutted street sleeper that Paul has plans of returning to its former glory!

  • LS23P8E102***: GTS#632: Los Angeles built and still living in LA! Apolo O. has this 73000 original mile 1968 GTS that has been parked since the 1980's. That California living has been kind to the GTS as it is all original and rust free. Needing a total restoration on this FF1 Light Green GTS built on Thursday, August 24, 1967. Apolo's GTS has a four speed and that would very unusual for a LA built GTS as all that I have in the Registry to this point are 727 automatic cars! This is a black plate car with green and white bucket seat console interior, and green vinyl top.

  • LS23P8E103*** GTS#650: Mark is turning this former cat corral of a GTS back to its former glory. Mark is the third owner. The GTS was left for dead in 1984 with a blown engine. The 2nd owner bought the GTS in 1987 and diagnosed the blown engine to be a broken distributor shaft instead! Good Save! The GTS was on the road from 1987 to 2000. Mark found the GTS sitting in a backyard with the windows down and cats inhabiting the interior. Being a So-Cal car it should be pretty solid. The GTS has a 340/727 combo with 3.23 gears. Painted FF1 Light Green with dark green and white interior and dark green vinyl top. It does retain the center grill nose piece.

  • LS23P8E103***: GTS#489: This 1968 GTS was an original California car now residing in British Columbia in the hands of Bob and Jannice C. They just bought their 1968 340 GTS and they will restore it as time allows. Formerly Green, this GTS now sports a Bright Red finish with a white bumble bee stripe. There is a 904 and a set of 3.23 gears behind the soon-to-be-rebuilt 340 mill.

  • LS23P8E103***: GTS#83: A pretty basic 340 GTS now being transformed into a Mr. Norm's 440 GSS clone! This is owned my Jon from Wisconsin, and was an original red/black vinyl top/white bumblebee 340 automatic GTS.

  • LS23P8E103***: GTS#141: Gold with Tan interior and Black longitudal stripe. 340, automatic, PD/B, AC, 3.91 Sure Grip, black vinyl top, and simulated "mag" style wheel covers originally came on this GTS. Owned by Kevin. Kevin will be replacing the the missing 340 with a 360. As of 1/7/2015 Kevin finally has his GTS on the road and it is a work-in-progress.

  • LS23P8E103***: GTS#559: Wow. Did I screw up! Cleaning up my GTS Registry email I discover an entry from 2011!! that I did not enter into the Registry at that time! My APOLOGIES to Jonas R. who submitted his LA built 1968 GTS. The only info I have on this GTS is that it is a total project car with a 360 residing under the hood instead of a 340.

  • LS23P8E104***: GTS#127: This GTS is owned by John from PA, originally forest green w/black vinyl top and green interior, the car is now white with a black interior. The 340 has been replaced with a fuel injected 440 with aluminum heads and uses 3.91 gears to put the power to the ground. John has also installed a custom K member with a rack and pinion coil over set up, A-100 van seats, and AC to make this Resto Mod a nice place to be in the summer. This GTS also has the rare nose piece.

  • LS23P8E104***: GTS#459: Bob F. from PA owns this Los Angeles built 1968 340 GTS. Bob has owned his GTS since 2005 via California and then Arizona. This GTS was built on Sept. 9, 1967 and rolled off the LA line wearing JJ1 Gold paint, gold interior and a black horizontal stripe. The 340 is backed by a console shifted 727 and 3.23 gears. Options included 3 speed wipers, AM radio, tinted glass, rocker/drip/wheel well mouldings, and LH remote mirror. The GTS had a 440 under the hood, but Bob has the original 340 tucked safely away.

  • LS23P8E105***: GTS#246: Shawn owns very early GTS. Even though it has some rear quarter damage, this GTS has been in extended storage. The original black California plates and original dealer plates are also with this early GTS. It is a 340, 727, 3.23 open 8 3/4 motivated GTS. Olive green with a white stripe, vinyl top, and interior. Shawn reports this is a bare-bones, no option GTS!

  • LS23P8E106***: GTS#576: Daniel from Maryland now is the third owner of his 1968 LosAngeles built GTS. He purchased the GTS from the son of the original owner! This makes this a two family owned GTS. Dan retains all the paperwork for the GTS. Originally JJ1 Gold with a white interior, the 340 GTS now sports a PP1 Bright Red coat with a black console bucket seat interior. Originally sold in Las Vegas, NV and has A/C and tinted glass as options.

  • LS23P8E107***: GTS#375: ##OWNER UPDATE## Brian G. is now the proud owner of this GTS! Here is the original listing-- Los Angeles built 1968 340 GTS has migrated to the Minnesota into the hands of Ken in 2003. The GTS had been in storage in Washington state since 1995 with only 47,000 miles showing on the clock. Ken has been a Mopar fan since the age of 10 when he saw his uncle's 1968 Charger in 1974. Ken has restored his GTS back to 1968 standards with the 340 and 727 trans. The black bucket seat console shift interior and black bumble bee stripe offset the SS1 Yellow paint job. Other options include power steering and front disc brakes.

  • LS23P8E107***: GTS#187: John K. bought this car in Michigan but he believes it originally came from Arizona. This original 73,000 mile 340 GTS now has a 440 under the shiny hood. Even though the black interior has been restored, the outside-paint,black top, and grill- are all original! John is looking to lower the gears from a 4.10 to either a 3.23 or a 3.55 gear to enjoy more cruising!

  • LS23P8E107***: GTS#483: Mark from CA just bought this 1968 GTS needing a total restoration. This 340 GTS has spent its life in the lower desert of Southern California. Built on Sept. 28, 1967, this GTS is painted RR1 Burgundy Metallic and has a black bucket seat interior with a black vinyl top and white bumble bee stripe. Other options include the 727 behind the 340, 3.23 gears, drip, wheel, and rocker mouldings, power brakes, AM radio, A/C, 3 speed wipers, tinted glass, LH remote mirror, and fender top signals.

  • LS23P8E108***: GTS#480: ## OWNERSHIP UPDATE ## Jay B. now owns GTS#480 as of 10/2014. Here is the original listing:Craig from Detroit, MI picked up this 27,000 original mile Los Angeles built 340 GTS. The original owner had passed away leaving the GTS to his son. The GTS was repainted with a fresh coat of SS1 Yellow at that time. The son then sold the car to a friend in Michigan and has been sitting in a garage since 1999 until Craig brought it home. Built on 9-26-67, the SS1 paint had an original black horizontal stripe that has been replaced with a black bumble bee stripe. Along with the black stripe, the GTS also has a black vinyl top and black bucket seat, console interior.

  • LS23P8E108***: GTS#565: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Now owned by Eric H. from Fight TV and restored by Wounded Warriors. Original listing as follows: Dave from AZ (also owner of GTS#535 1968 383 convertible) picked up this LA built 1968 340 GTS. It has been parked in the Phoenix area since 1981. It is missing the 340 and is in need of total restoration.

  • LS23P8E108***: GTS#234: A little more "International Flair" for the GTS Registry! Fred from Holland ( the Netherlands, not Holland, Michigan ) is the third owner of this L.A. built GTS. This Euro 340 GTS has been hot rodded with KB pistons, Edelbrock Air Gap, Holley carb, Hooker Headers, Flowmasters, and a Hurst shifter. Original options included power steering, AM, SureGrip ( now with 4.10 gears ), and disc brakes. Pretty sharp looking in QQ1 Blue!!

  • LS23P8E108***: GTS#277. This is Tom's other new project (this and GTS #276-LS27P8B240***). This LA built 340 GTS is a 4 speed car that was cut up for fenderwell headers in its past life. Tom reports this one was last registered in 1979. Light metallic green, green bucket seat interior, and a black vinyl top.

  • LS23P8E111***: GTS#488: Originally from the West Coast (and an LA built GTS)this 340 GTS now resides under the care of Mike P. in Ottawa, Ontario. Painted SS1 Sunfire Yellow, this 340 GTS has a console shifted 727 surrounded by a black bucket seat interior. Options included a AM/FM, 3 speed wipers, light group package, PS, rear defroster, and wheel well mouldings.

  • LS23P8E117***: GTS#62: Scott from MN sends in this info from his 340 GTS. Originally a UU1 with B3 or B5 interior and white bumble bee. The GTS is currently painted yellow from the previous owner which Scott has now remedied and BOY! does it look SHARP!!!. This is an automatic column shifted car that also came with wood grain wheel, disc brakes, AM/FM, and manual steering.

  • LS23P8E121***: GTS#247: Shawn shares his third 1968 GTS's info with us. Not quite as early of a build as his two other 1968 LA built GTSs. This is the race car of Shawn's group. Able to turn 12.20's @ 110mph with just the 340, and scoots out with 1.60 60' times!!! This GTS is an orignal SS1 Sunfire yellow, stripe delete, black vinyl top, and black interior equipped GTS. Options included the light group, bumperettes, power steering, power disc brakes, A/C and rear defroster!! Even thought modified for racing, Shawn states that non of the modifications are permanent!!

  • LS23P8E124***: GTS#493: Ron S. from British Columbia owns this LA built 1968 340 GTS. Originally a QQ1 Bright Blue GTS with a 727, Ron's GTS now sports a coat of Plum Crazy with white stripes and a 4 speed behind the 340. Ron has also updated the interior with Duster bucket seats and a kickin' sound system. To help along with the "sounds", Ron's 340 breathes thru a set of Hedman Headers and Flowmasters! I think I prefer the sound from the twin pipes instead of the twin speakers!!

  • LS23P8E132***: GTS#556: This LA built 1968 340 GTS is owned by Chris S. from California. His GTS is in need of a total restoration but it is complete. This 340/727 GTS started out life as a JJ1 Gold car with a green vinyl top, but is currently painted over with red and the top is missing. This is a factory A/C equipped GTS.

  • LS23P8E132***: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## GTS#516 is now owned by Robert H. from Ohio. Since purchasing #516, Robert has put classic Crager wheels on the GTS. He has also added front disc brakes, headers, and a Edelbrock manifold and Holley 650. The original listing is as follows: GTS#516: Jarrod D. from Illinois is the fifth owner of this 1968 340 GTS. The original owner had the car until 2008 (40 years for those of you doing the math) and then it passed thru three hands in four years getting a full restoration along the way by owner #2. Jarrod is the fortunate recipient of this restored GTS. The 340 is backed by a 727. Painted WW1 White with a black bucket seat interior and black bumble bee stripe. This like-new GTS came with factory A/C from Crenshaw Dodge in Los Angeles.

  • ##LS23P8E133***: GTS#203: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## LS23P8E133*** GTS #203: Brock from Kansas City now owns GTS #203 as of 6/02/2019. The following is the original listing: Also listed in the Alan Miller Registry, this nice 340 GTS is now owned by Terry from MN. FF1 Light Green Metallic with white interior and white bumble bee set off this slightly customized 340. Currently with 3.23 gears, Terry plans on adding a Six Pack set-up and 3.91 gears in the near future. Peeking under the hood, we can spot an aluminum intake, M/T valve covers, and headers. This GTS was built on January 10, 1968.

  • LS23P8E133***: GTS#164: Mike owns this green on GG1 Green ( with white bumbly bee stripe ) 340 GTS. N85 console tach for the floor shifted Torqueflite727 and the "mag style" hubcaps were options on this otherwise barebones car.

  • LS23P8E144***: GTS #666: OK, What is really bizarre about Terry R's GTS is not that this is #666, but that Terry also owns GTS #555!!??!! Terry picked up 666 from a seller in New York who had bought the 1968 GTS in California for 20 years and then moved to NY. After 10 years of pampered ownership, he sold to Terry who made the 12 hour + haul with trailer from North Carolina. The original 340 GTS is now powered by a crate 360 with 727 trans. Built on Friday March 8, 1968. This GTS is painted PP1 Bright Red with a black bucket seat/console interior and a black bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23P8E147***: GTS#257: Gary has taken delivery of his 1968 GTS 340. It is a bucket seat console shifted 727 behind the 1970 casting 340, followed by a 3.55 Sure-Grip 8 3/4. Currently, the car is painted white, but Gary finds evidence that this was an original GG1 Dark Racing Green body. Gary will be repainting the GTS back to its original color. Gary is planning on using the services of J.T. Automotive in California to restore his GTS. Options included the White Pearl interior, power steering, disc brakes, and a AM/FM radio. As of 2008, Gary's GTS has been restored and is winning plenty of trophies for its proud owner!! Local big block cars have come up on the short end of the stick against Gary's 340!

  • LS23P8E147***: GTS#176: Jeff H. sends us info on his neat PP1 Red 340 GTS. Non-number matching at this time, this was a 340 automatic 3.23 geared GTS. Red, white bumble bee, and black interior. This is a almost bear bones car. Beltline, driprail, and wheel well mouldings, AM radio, tinted windshield, and console with bucket seats. Currently, Jeff has a smoking 340 under the hood backed up by a 906 with 3.91 gears.

  • LS23P8E149***: GTS#481: Dean from British Columbia picked up this west coast GTS. Built at the LA plant on Friday March 29, 1968, this GTS has spent its life along the Pacific coast. Painted its original SS1 Yellow with a black bumble bee stripe, Dean's GTS has been converted to a 4 speed by a previous owner. Riding on newer rims with a modified 340 under the hood, the chassis has been updated with frame ties and an in-board rear leaf spring kit.

  • LS23P8E152***: GTS#438: Todd Hoffman of Hoffmans Winner's Circle products is a friend of Mopars everywhere with his line of restoration products. Todd owns two GTSs. This one, and LS23H8B455*** GTS#439 which is possibly the last 1968 GTS built (scroll all the way to the bottom of this list). This GTS was built on April 18, 1968 in Los Angeles and is still on the west side of the USA parked in Todd's Oregon garage. This GTS is a 340/727 with a 3.23 SG rear gear. GG1 Racing Green Metallic with a black vinyl top and Green interior. A black horizontal stripe runs along the flanks. Todd is restoring this 340 GTS as well after serving its time as a number's matching daily driver. Options include: A01 Light Package, disc brakes, 3 speed wipers, head rests, and console tachometer.

  • LS23P8E153***: GTS#268: Guy W. from NC just picked up this gorgeous 1968 GTS "survivor"!! Oddly equipped too! FF1 Light Green Metallic is contrasted nicely by the white vinyl top, white interior, and white bumble bee!! This is a 340 car with a 727 Torqueflite that is column shifted and has bucket seats!! Also, this car has factory A/C!! Built on April 25, 1968, this GTS was sold at Covina Dodge in Covina, CA and was registered for the first time on September 8, 1968. This little GTS was sold after the 1969 cars were already in the showrooms!!

  • LS23P8E153***: GTS#120: Tom H. from California earns his living restoring Mopars! He will be working on his own GTS soon! He is the original owner of this 200,000+ mile 340 auto GTS. It is yellow with black bumble bee. However, it sports a white pearl top. Tom took possession of this car on December 12, 1968 in Hanford, CA!

  • LS23P8E157***: GTS#602: This is a late build Los Angeles 340 GTS owned by Roger O. in Arizona. It is painted QQ1 Bright Blue metallic with white bucket seat interior, white vinyl top, and white bumble bee stripe. Roger is the third owner. The 2nd owner bought the car in 1968 with 1500 miles on it and then proceeded to add about 105,000 more miles on the clock. The GTS was last registered in 1985 and hasn't seen the road since then. It is all original and in need of a total restoration.

  • LS23P8E165***: GTS#88: This is one of two GTS's that Eric from CA owns. His other is listed in the 1969 GTS Registry! This '68 340 GTS is green with black interior and floor shifted 727. Eric saved this one just before it recieved a "back half" race car transformation! The fenderwells had been cut out, as well as the trunk floor. The 340 was sporting a tunnel ram with dual quad Holleys, and 13:1 compression! Eric will be restoring this green machine!

  • LS23P8E172***: GTS#142: Green with a black interior, this GTS is powered by the 340 motor with an automatic trans. AC, and power brakes are the only options.

  • LS23P8E172***: GTS#523: Dan M. from upstate New York sends in the latest GTS built for 1968 at the Los Angeles assembly plant on record here at the GTS Registry. How late??!? Built on Wednesday July 17, 1968!! That's about a week before the plants shut down for summer change-over to the new model year!! A couple weeks later, and this would have been an early build 1969!! To make it even stranger, Dan's GTS wasn't picked up off the lot at Arden Dodge (Sacramento) until MARCH of 1969! Probably by the time this GTS was shipped, the newer 1969's were already rolling out! Dan bought his first 1968 GTS in 1967 when he found that a new 1968 GTS was cheaper than a "older" 1967 Charger that he almost bought! That GTS was a 340 silver GTS that beat-up on the local SS 396 cars on a regular basis (no surprise). So this "newest" GTS is the closest to Dan's original 1968 GTS that he almost bought in 1967. His newest 340 GTS is painted JJ1 Medium Gold with black horizontal stripe and gold and black interior. The 727 is shifted via a console shifter between the bucket seats and that drives a 3.23 gear. This is a fairly well optioned GTS. Options include the Dart Radio Group (AM radio, power steering, 3 speed wipers, electric winshield washer pump, and LH remote mnirror), A/C, fender top signals, tinted glass, frotn and rear safety belts AND shoulder belts (remember this was in 1968-shoulder belts and headrests were still optional).

    Made in Mexico:

  • 8-105***: GTS #698: Wait?!?! What is with the strange VIN?? This is another AutoMex built GTS. This GTS is a 1968 GTS now owned by Guy M. in New Zealand who bought the GTS thru San Francisco in 2017. Originally a 318 2 bbl with 4 speed Guy's GTS now has a 1970 340 under the hood. It looks to be a RR1 Burgundy with a black bench seat (with fold down console) interior and a black bumble bee was added. The interior also sports a Plymouth Rallye dash usually found only in Barracudas. This gauge set includes a speedo marked in KPH as well as having a handy tachometer int he center pod. This is a heater delete car as well as coming equipped with factory disc brakes. Power steering has been added as well as headers, a Quick Fuel carb and MSD ignition for better performance and reliability. Guy's GTS purchase also included the original bill of sale!!

    Made in Hamtramck, Michigan:

  • LS23P8B101***: GTS#391: WOW! This 1968 340 GTS owned by Bruce H. from NY reads like the entire option spec sheet for the 1968 model year! This is the earliest built 1968 in the Registry as of 3-21-08. Bruce picked up this AA1 Silver which was originally sold at Sam Dell's Dodge in Syracuse NY on October 14, 1967. It stickered for over $4000 and the car was bought with $2600 and a 1965 Barracuda in trade. Bruce bought the car in May, 1968 with 10,000 miles on the odometer. This GTS's broadcast sheet has a notation on the bottom stating: "Display Dealer Announcement Show. Consign to Syracuse Region to be sold NEW unit following display." Bruce distinctly remembers seeing this very GTS at a Syracuse Auto Show in 1967 because of the $4000+ window sticker. And now he owns that very car! He couldn't imagine (at that time) how anyone could spend $4000 on a car! How times have changed!! This early build GTS was ordered LOADED to showcase all the options available on the '68 GTS. Here's the list: 340, 727 Torqueflite, 3.23 SG, AA1 Silver paint, black vinyl top, black bucket seat interior, red horizontal stripe, light package, AM/FM radio, power disc brakes, power steering, bumperettes, pedal dress-up, fendertop signals, tinted glass, head rests, remote left and right hand mirrors, sill mouldings, console tachometer, seat belts, simulated mag wheel covers, undercoating and hood pad, variable wipers, red line tires. A/C was installed at the dealership.
  • LS27P8B105***: GTS#241: An Ontario, Canada 340 GTS convertible owned by Chuck M. This 340 has been owned by Chuck since the late 1970's. It was an original 727 equipped car, but it was converted to a 4 speed even before Chuck bought it. Orignally a DD1 Mist Blue with what sounds like a P6B Light Blue interior and a 302 White Convertible top. Right now it is painted a fading dark blue over a black interior. It is an early production GTS and it DOES have the grill center piece. Another MOPAR family, Chuck and his son Craig are restoring a 1968 Charger and a 1971 340 Swinger before turning their attention to the GTS and restoring it to its former factory delivered appearance!!

  • LS23H8B106***: GTS#547: Klaus live in Utah and he owns this 1968 383 GTS. He really L-I-K-E-S Darts as this is now his 4th! This 383 GTS has a 727 trans and a 3.23 gear. It was originally FF1 Light Green Metallic. As Klaus has just picked up the GTS, he will update us with more information in the near future! Truly a barn find GTS! They are still hiding out there in barns and garages!!

  • LS27P8B106***: GTS#360: Built on August 18, 1967, Mark F's 1968 340 GTS was a very early build GTS. Mark is from Wisconsin and has been looking for a special sort of GTS for nine years. He finally scored with this one. The basics on the car are a 340 with the 727 and a 3.23 Sure Grip. The "special" part is that this GTS is painted the rare AA1 Silver buffed paint, plus it is a convertible, it has the red longitudal stripe instead of the traditional bumble bee, and it has the grill center piece.

  • LS23P8B110***: GTS#401: Reeno bought his second GTS (this one) in 2001. Painted RR1 Burgundy, Reeno's GTS has a 340 with a console shifted 727. The GTS sports a black interior and a black longitudal stripe. The GTS is all original except for an electronic ignition conversion.

  • LS23P8B111***: GTS#252: Greg "The Dartman from Tampa Bay" is one of the best suppliers of GTS parts in the USA. Natural, that he owns three GTS cars!!! His first is a QQ1 340/727 GTS with white bucket seat/console interior. The car is AC equipped and stripe delete. Greg has a 1967 casting 340 that will be going into this GTS.

  • LS27P8B111***: GTS #306: John from Michigan owns this 1968 340 GTS convertible with a mystery behind the fender tags!! This GTS is SS1 Yellow with black interior and black convertible top. Built on August 24, 1967 other options include buckets, console, 727, 3.23 gears, console tach, passenger side mirror, 3 speed wipers, tinted glass, and radio. Currently John has a 340-6 intake and 3-2 carbs on top of the original 340. Now, about those fender tags. That's right plural! There is a "4" stamped under the "r" on the top line which there is no documentation as to any code being stamped under the "r". Plus, there is a SECOND fender tag with "Special Order" stamped on it. No conclusive answers yet about the tags, but regardless, John's GTS sounds special even without the fender tags!!

  • ##LS27P8B111***: GTS#172: Some cars really peak your interest, and this is one of them. Red with a black top and interior the it also has the rare nose piece. Built on August 28, 1967 makes it one of the earliest Hamtramck car we have for the 1968 model year. It's just a few days ahead of the car listed below. But that's not what makes this car so interesting!! It was sold for the FIRST time from Northwestern Dodge out of Detroit in MAY of 1969, almost two years after it was built!!! That's what makes this car so interesting! It also has bucket seats which are common the in GTS. But, how many have seen with buckets and a column shift?? Sometime during the next year the car made it's way west to San Francisco and was sold for the second time from Van Ness Dodge in Febuary of 1970 with 13000 miles on it. The current owner is Jim L. of Fresno, CA. and he bought it on January 26, 1983 with car still showing only 76,000 miles! Jim has been driving it most everyday since, and she's now rolling along with over 160,000 miles on her!!

  • LS23P8B112***: GTS#361: This GTS is a second-owner car with 103,000 miles on the odometer! John S. from Virginia is the 2nd owner of this 340/727 GTS. Built on August 28, 1967, John's GTS sports the grill center piece. This is a GG1 Dark Green GTS with a black interior, black vinyl top, and a white longitudal stripe. John notes that the "GTS" fender emblems are red. Few options on this car. AM/FM radio, console shifted automatic, head rests on the buckets seats, and wheel lip mouldings.

  • LS23P8B114***: GTS#384: Tom D. finally found his GTS after a lifetime of Barracuda ownership. After searching for a 440 "M" code, Tom crossed paths with a few GT Darts, GTSs, and even a GSS before finding his 340 GTS in Kansas City. Originally out of Kent, Washington, the GTS now resides in Illinois with Tom. It is an early build 340/727 GTS. Painted MM1 Turbine Bronze with white interior and white bumble bee stripe. What made Tom pick up this 340 GTS instead of continuing his search for a 440 GTS?? Possibly the low, low 25,000 original miles on this 340 GTS helped make that decision. The 340 is barely broken in and the Redline tires still have their orginal tread!!

  • LS23H8B117***: GTS#582: This is Charlie B's second GTS. This 1968 GTS has undergone a rotisserie restoration. It is a 383/727/3.23SG equipped GTS. Painted SS1 Yellow with black interior and black bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23P8B118***: GTS#478: Michael from PA is the 6th owner of this 1968 GTS. His car has spent at least 16 years in Pennsylvania. This 340 GTS is original/restored and it came with a 4 speed and 3.55 gears and was built on 8-31-67. It is painted WW1 White with a white vinyl top and white interior. There is a black stripe to contrast all that bright white!

  • LS23H8B118***: GTS#237: This 383 GTS was purchased from the legendary Mr. Norm's Grand-Spaulding Dodge in Chicago, IL. Tim is the current, and third owner of the GTS. It was passed to Tim from his father who had bought it from the original owner ( who was a lifelong friend of the family ). In other words, Tim has known, and admired, his GTS since his boyhood!! Tim has owned his GTS for three years, and is now going to undertake the restoration. This 383 GTS is JJ1 Ember Gold Metallic with a black vinyl top, interior, and bumblebee stripe. Currently, the GTS still sports a fiberglass hood and Crager S/S rims from its old street racing days. The car has been in storage since the mid-1980's!

  • LS27P8B118***: GTS#92: Wow!! A Norwegian owned 340 GTS Convertible! Owned by Lars S., and purchased from Massachusetts in 1992. It was a basket case that has been restored from the "molecules up" by Lars! This TT1 Medium Green Metallic 'vert has a pearl white bench seat interior and column shifted 727. Here is the "before" interior!!Built on August 31, 1967, this GTS is low optioned with a FM radio, rear bumperettes, and headrests. Lars and his GTS have been featured in MoparAction-April 1996, Amcar Magazine in Norway, and Power Magazine + Wheels Magazine in Sweden!

  • LS23P8B118***: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## LS23LS23P8B118*** GTS#578 is now owned by William S. from Iowa. The original listing is as follows.... GTS#578: Thomas W. owns this modified 1968 340 GTS. Originally a 4 speed car, Tom's GTS now has a 727 behind the pumped up 340. Tom has owned his GTS for 10 years and it is currently painted Plum Crazy purple with a white stripe and black interior.

  • LS23H8B118***: GTS#492: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## GTS#492 is now owned by Rob S from New Jersey. He is returning the GTS to its Mopar glory after buying it from a "Chevy guy" who did a GM-type restoration on the GTS Here is the original listing: This 1968 383 GTS started out in life in Pennsylvania, moved to Delaware, and now resides in the care of Steve B. in Arizona. Steve's GTS is restored and only shows 78,ooo miles on the clock. This WW1 White GTS has a gold bucket seat/console interior with a black horizontal stripe. Built on Thursday, 8/31/1967 this 383 is backed up with a 4 speed and 3.23 gears.

  • LS27P8B119***: GTS#283: Scott from British Columbia, Canada has owned his 1968 340 GTS convertible for the past ten (10) years. The 340 has 30K miles on the last rebuild, and the Medium Green is now 5 year's old. Still a good looking and driving ride. Scott spotted the GTS on the cover of Old Canadian Auto Trader, hopped on a plane, and drove his GTS home from Edmonton, Alberta-top down of course!!! Built in September of 1967 and sold in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the car has a power black top and interior, 727 Torqueflite, 3.23 gears, remoter mirror, disc brakes, power steering, and retains the grill nose piece!

  • LS27P8B120***: GTS#227: Bruce registers his Sunfire Yellow 340 Convertible.

  • LS27P8B120***: GTS#342: Bob C. from New Mexico just picked up his third GTS. This version is a nice 1968 340/727 convertible that is painted QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic. The convertible top is white and the GTS has a blue bucket seat/console interior. Other options include FACTORY A/C (remember this is a convertible), 3.23 gear, fender top signals, AM radio, remote LH mirror, disc brakes and all tinted glass. Being an early built 1968, Bob's GTS does have the grill center piece.

  • LS27P8P120*** GTS#652: Patrick P. just purchased this One-of-271 1968 GTS 340 convertible. Patrick just had the new purchase shipped a short distance from the previous owner in Wisconsin. That is if you consider it a "short distance" from Wisconsin to Patrick's home in the Netherlands!! Patrick plans on repairing the body and painting it in the proper KK1 Medium Turquoise. The 340 has a 727 and 3.23 SureGrip for motivation. Pretty color combo too with the KK1 and a pearl white interior and pearl white convertible top along with a white stripe. To top it off with some more rarity, this is also a factory A/C car.

  • LS27P8B123***: GTS#134: A 68 340 4sp convertible owned by Dennis, this GTS was built Sept 7 1968 and has plenty of options. Bucket seats with the rare for 68 headrests, console mounted tach, wood grain steering wheel, air conditioning, AM/FM radio w/fader, bumper guards, fender mounted turn signals, and 3.55 gears make for one very sweet ride. Originally yellow w/black interior it's now red w/white interior.

  • LS23H8B124***: GTS#495: Mark E. has a early build 1968 GTS that still retains its original center grill piece. Painted QQ1 Bright Blue with a white vinyl top and white bucket seat console interior but no stripe! Mark's GTS is powered by a 383 with a 727 backing it up. The rear gear is a non-SG highway gear (possibly a 2.73) that was installed inside the 8 3/4 housing. Why would anyone take a drag strip rippin' 383 and hamper it with such a tall gear?? Well......Mark's GTS spent time in Europe in the care of a Canadian Air Force officer. The officer had received a ticket on the Autobahn for going too slow with the original gearing behind the 383. He picked up the pace and promptly seized the orignial SG. Thus, the current set of long-legged highway gears! Another CAF officer bought the GTS and had it shipped back to Canada where Mark bought it in 1978!!

  • LS23P8B124***: GTS#60: A Sunfire Yellow Canadian owned GTS by Dan W. residing in BC. It is a matching number 340 with a A833 4 speed trans. The original interior was white, but is now covered with a new BLACK Legendary interior kit. Dan has traced the last three owners back to 1979.

  • LS27P8B124***: GTS#587: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## Eric B. now owns GTS#587. The following is the original listing which will have Eric's update at the end~~Jim from Alabama is the second owner of his one-of-271 1968 340 GTS convertible. He bought his soft top A-body in August, 1970. This is an older restoration as Jim completed it in 1988. Built on Friday September 1967, this GTS is nicely optioned! Painted PP1 Bright Red with a a black soft top and black bucket seat interior, Jim restored his GTS back to stock with the following options: 340, 727 auto trans, A/C, PS, PB, fendertop signals, bumperettes, remote RH mirror, front and rear seat belts, pedal dress-up, light package, tinted windshield, and the full mag-style wheel covers. All that added on by the original owner, they did leave one thing off the sheet....the GTS stripe. This is a stripe delete GTS. Also, as this is an early build, it does retain the grill center nose piece. Now Eric's update: Eric has known of this GTS since he was 7 years old as he would peddle his bike past the original owner Jim's home. Eric and Jim's paths crossed again when they worked together at a local Chrysler dealership. Eric helped Jim restore the GTS in the 1980's Sadly, the owner, Jim, passed away in 2015 and Eric bought the GTS after being offered the car by Jim's son who knew of Eric's relationship with his father.

  • LS27P8B124***: GTS #684: Located in Denver, CO. All we have now is that this is a one-of-318 1968 340 convertible.

  • LS23P8B125***: #OWNERSHIP CHANGE## Leonard B. bought the GTS in Fall 2017, and plans on getting it ready for Summer 2018 cruising! Original listing as follows: GTS#508: Mike from Nebraska owns one of each size engine GTS. He owns a 440 M code (GTS#506), a 383 H code(GTS#507), and this is his 340 P code 1968 GTS. Mike's 340 GTS is on the road and a great driver. The 340 has a console shifted 727 and 3.23 gears. Painted SS1 Yellow with a black vinyl top and black bucket seat interior. Being an early build, this GTS has the grill center piece.

  • LS23H8B127***: GTS#628: This is Chris F.'s second 383 GTS. His first was a 383/4 speed he owned in high school that he has always wanted back. This is a good find for Chris! His new GTS is a 383 powered with a 727 this time. 3.55 gears are in the 8 3/4 rear end. Painted PP1 Bright Red it has a black bucket seat interior, black vinyl top, and black bumble bee. Built on November 24, and now located in Florida.

  • LS27P8B127***: GTS#676: Allan W. from Virginia had ridden in the backseat of his buddy's family GTS as a young boy. His friend's father was the original owner of this 1-of-271 1968 GTS convertible who passed it to his son. Technically this makes Allan the 2nd owner of his GTS. It is powered by the 340 with a column shifted 727 trans and 3.23 gears. Built on Saturday September 9, 1967, this early build GTS still retains its original grill center piece. Painted JJ1 Medium Gold, it sports a white soft top and a black horizontal stripe. The interior is white as well, but with a bench seat. Other options include fender top turn signals, LH remote mirror, AM radio, tinted windshield, rocker and wheel well moldings. This is a total restoration project car that Allan just brought home today!

  • LS23P8B128***: GTS#552: Bo from North Carolina reports in with his one owner/one family GTS. Their 1968 340 GTS is still owned by his father who is the original owner! Built on September 1, 1967, this FF1 Light Green GTS is topped with a Dark Green vinyl top and is stripe delete. The GTS is in the process of being restored AND it does have the original grill center piece!

  • LS23P8B130***: GTS#308: Bob C. from New Mexico enters his second 340 GTS. This one reminds Bob of his first car-a 1968 340 GTS. Bob parks this 1968 GTS next to his 1969 GTS! This one is QQ1 Blue with black interior, bumble bee, and vinyl top. This is a 64,000 mile survivor that Bob bought out of Pennsylvania. Options include 727, P/S, wheel lip mouldings, bucket seat console, and under hood insulation.

  • LS23P8B131***: GTS#441: Let's follow the trail that Kelly O's GTS took to end up with him in Ontario, Canada. Built in Hamtramck, Michigan, the car was originally sold in California. Then it went to Alberta. After that, the next move took it to Saskachewan, Canada. Kelly then trailered it to his home in Ontario. With all those moves, the GTS only has 56,000 original miles on the clock. It is 340 powered with a 727 and 3.73 gears. A 340-6 Pack induction system has been added and it is currently wearing a dark purple paint job. Kelly will be returning the car to its original JJ1 Medium Gold Metallic color. He should have it easy as this low mile GTS has perfect sheetmetal and floors and still retains its ORIGINAL interior in perfect condition as well. It is December 2009 and Kelly has completed returning his GTS back to its original JJ1 Medium Gold paint. Looks MUCH better than the old purple.

  • LS23P8B131***: GTS#40: Joe P. from PA is the original owner of this QQ1 Blue "numbers matching" 340 GTS. The 727 Torqueflite shifts to the original 3.23 rear. Restored in 1992, this GTS has a black vinyl top, and the white longitudal stripe. Other equiptment includes the blue interior, AM radio, remote mirror, and fender top signals. This 11-03-67 car was equipped with the nose center piece, and has survived for 32 years!

  • LS23H8B134***: GTS#201: This is another GTS owned by Brian from PA. He is Member# 200 & 201! This example is a 383 4 speed red hardtop. Black interior with the bucket seats and console. This one was built on September 15, 1967. This GTS is in need of a full restoration!

  • LS23P8B134***: GTS#258: William became the third owner of this 72,000 original mile 1968 340GTS when he purchased the car from the widow of the second owner. This SS1 Yellow GTS had been sitting in an Indiana barn for the past 20 years. It is 90% complete with only minor body rust. No vinyl top, but it does have a black bucket seat interior and the black longitudal stripe to contrast that cool yellow. This GTS has a 1969 "Factory Replacement" engine and a 727 Torqueflite in front of the 3.23 geared SureGrip. The car orignally came with the grill center piece ( as evidenced from old pictures ) but it is now missing. The thieves who stole the center piece damaged the grill in the process!!

  • LS23H8B135***: GTS#302: Bill B. from Long Island, NY picked up his 383 automatic GTS in April of 1984. The car was owned by a friend of Bill's who picked it up from Cherry Creek Dodge in Aurora, Colorado. The GTS was part of a trade-in for a Dodge Colt!!. The GTS was rust free, but did have body damage along the left side. Bill started the resto in 2003. It will be returned to its original QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic exterior with blue/white interior. The car has the optional Kelsey-Hayes front discs, AM radio and 3.23 gear.

  • LS23P8B135***: GTS#404: Roger H. from North Carolina certainly enjoys driving his 1968 340 GTS. He bought his Sunfire SS1 Yellow GTS in 1970 and has piled on 330,000 miles since then!! This stripe delete GTS is all original except for the tires and wheels! The original Red Line spare tire resides in the trunkwell. Go put some more miles on the old iron, Roger !!

  • LS23P8B137***: GTS#546: Ralph from Texas is starting the restoration on his 1968 340 GTS. This GTS was built on Tuesday September 19, 1967 and rolled out of the Hamtramck, MI plant painted SS1 Yellow with a black bucket seat/727 console shifted interior and is a stripe delete car. Other options included AM radio, 3 speed wipers, tinted glass and AC. What makes this GTS special is that Ralph bought his GTS from the used car lot at Tindall Pontiac in San Antonio, TX in 1971 for $1500 whilst still in high school. Ralph sold it and then he re-purchased the GTS in 1998 for $1800 and is now starting the restoration! Way to keep it in the family Ralph!!

  • LS23H8B140***: GTS#260: Jim R. came to the aid of GTS Member # 260-Glen from AZ. Glen sealed the deal on this 383 GTS with "Rhino" at the Chryslers at Carlisle2005 meet. It is a an orignal white with black vinyl top and black longitudal stripe equipped GTS. Right now, it has a black bumble bee instead. The interior color is green! That's different!! Built on September 21, 1967. The 383 is backed by 727 and 3.55 gear.

  • LS23P8B142***: GTS#209: GOLD and GREEN for the "Gator"!! Mike from OH bought this tired GTS in 1999 in New Mexico. This is a medium gold paint, Y4 green vinyl top, and gold interior 340 GTS! Originally, this was a bucket seat console shifted 4 speed, 3.23 geared GTS that was reportedly used around Los Angeles for trafficking of the illegal sort way back when! Mike is on track with cleaning up the GTS. The 340 is finished, so now it's on to the body work which he hopes will begin in October 2003. Mike's GTS was built on 9-22-1967! UPDATE! Mike has put his 340GTS back on the road!! Mike has finished the GTS in the original Gold but has added a black vinyl top and a Six-Pak hood scoop for good looks!! He has fully "built" the 340 under the hood and has added disc brakes up front, and B-body drums in back to allow the use of 15" Magnum500 road wheels.

  • LS23P8B142***: GTS#667: This GTS traveled from Marine City, Michigan and now resides in Texas under the new ownership of Mike J. This restored/driver GTS has the 340/727 power train and is painted black with white interior and white bumble bee stripe.

  • LS27P8B142***: GTS#262: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE##: Bill K. from Virginia now owns the "Mannix" GTS. He bought the car from Andy two year's ago and has finished the restoration on this TV car. Bill has graciously shared his photos with us so we can enjoy the memories of watching this GTS on TV in the late 1960's. I remember the car from the series starring Mike Conners as a TV Land Private Detective. Here is the original listing sent in by Andy: Andrew K. is the proud owner of another "Celebrity" GTS to join our ranks! Andrew has spent the last eight (8) years restoring the "Mannix" convertible back to its TV glory!!! This GTS was modified by Barris ( yes, THAT Barris )Customs for duty in the Mannix TV series from the 1960's!! It is dark, dark green with minor body modifications and a black power top. Look closely at the hood bulges that have been turned into a "Fresh Air Package"!! The back end of the Mannix GTS also receieved body modifications. There is a small faired in "wing" running along the width of the trunk lid! Originally, this was a 340 GTS built on 9-22-67 with a 727 Torqueflite and 3.23 open gear. It was red with a black top and black stripe when it left the factory back in 1967. Andy bought the car in 1992!
    Here are the photos sent in by Bill:

  • LS23P8B143***: GTS#687: Steven R. from North Carolina bought his 1968 GTS in 2006. No history on Steven's GTS as the fender tag is missing. Originally SS1 Yellow, Steven's GTS is now painted 1969 999 Omaha Orange. This is a 340 GTS with a 4 speed and 3.91 gears. The bucket seat interior does not have a console. The 340 has a number of Day 2 mods such as headers, intake, cam and carb.

  • LS23P8B144***: GTS#98: Another EXPORT GTS. This one resides in Guatemala City, Guatemala and is owned by William. This 340, 727 Torqueflite 3.55 SG geared GTS is painted FF1 Light Metallic Green with Pearl White interior. The former owner of this GTS was a K.C. Armstrong who was the Chrysler rep for Central and South America. It was FULLY LOADED from the factory. Options include: Light package, bumper guards, power disc brakes, power steering, A/C, AM radio, bucket seats with headrests, cigar lighter, map light ( mounted on lower RH of dash ), Rear Defroster, longitudal stripes, red line tires, simulated mag wheel covers, remote mirror, and 3 speed wipers. WHEW! What a list! Currently, William's GTS is modified with all sorts of performance enhancements.

  • LS23P8B144***: GTS#340: This 340 GTS (appropriate that it's GTS#340) was found as a bare shell by Dave R. from Missouri. Dave found it in a boneyard stripped of engine/trans/interior. The person who stripped the interior also pulled out all the body plugs which (thankfully) allowed any rain water to drain out instead of rotting the floor pans. This car was mini-tubbed, relocated rear springs, and the firewall was smoothed. Somebody had big plans for this GTS. Dave is now picking up the pieces and marching on with bringing the GTS back to life. Dave will try and return the 340/727 GTS back to its former self. This would be a LL1 Medium Dark Turquoise Metallic, white interior and stripe delete. Good luck Dave!

  • LS23H8B145***: GTS#41: Tom from IN has a well traveled 383 GTS! Having bought the GTS from his brother who has owned it since 1980. It was stationed at Clark AFB in the Phillipines with Tom's brother!!!! Yellow with the black longitudal stripe, this is a 4 spd, 3.23 geared all original GTS. Black buckets with console and factory tach and the AM radio still working. Options include manual disc brakes, manual steering, 3 core rad, passenger side mirror, full mag style hub caps, and the grill center piece!!!

  • LS27P8B147***: GTS#364: Rick from Ohio just picked up this 1968 convertible "project" car. Rick has an all original foundation to work with including the OE 340 and 727 trans. He plans on performing a rotiseirre restoration on this PP1 Red GTS. The car was built on Thursday September 28, 1967 and came with manual brakes, wheel lip mouldings, bucket seat console interior, and power steering. The rest of the color combo is made up with the Pearl White interior, white vinyl top, and the car is "stripe delete".

  • LS23P8B147***: GTS#581: ## OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Ken C from Georgia now owns GTS#581 as of 10/2014. Here is the original listing:Charlie B. from Seattle registers TWO GTSs with the GTS Registry. The first is a 1968 340/727 GTS. Originally it came with 3.23 gears backing the drivetrain, now it sports a 3.91 gears. Painted GG1 Dark Green with a black interior, white bumble bee, and green vinyl top, the GTS is now painted Black instead.

  • LS27P8B148***: GTS#351: An "original owner" 1968 340/727 GTS owned by Elmer T. of Ontario, Canada. Elmer bought his 340 GTS convertible in December of 1967. I can't think of a better time for delivery of a convertible. In winter. In Ontario. But the car has survived in its orignal form without any modifictions thanks to Elmer's care. This is a orignal QQ1 Bright Blue with a white longitudal stripe and a black soft top. Elmer is relying upon Mopar restorer Kent Harbinson to bring his GTS back to its original glory.

  • LS23P8B151***: GTS#386: Derrick L. from Ontario, Canada picked up this former drag car and is looking to restore his GTS back to its factory finish. The 340/4 speed GTS was last raced in 1970's and has not seen the road since 1975. Derrick finds evidence of its drag strip past in the fenderwell header cut-outs, and solid motor plate for a B/RB engine. This is a pretty rare GTS in its own right due to it coming down the line covered in AA1 Silver Metallic paint. Options included a black bucket seat interior(with headrests), black horizontal stripe, console for the 4 speed shifter, and fender top signals.

  • LS23H8B151***: GTS#253: Greg "The Dartman from Tampa Bay" owns this back-burner project 383 GTS. 383, Torqueflite 727, 3.23 SG gear. TT1 Medium Green with black bucket seat/console interior. This is another "stripe delete" GTS.

  • LS27H8B151***: GTS#243: Tom is waiting for this GTS to be shipped to him in the next couple of weeks. I couldn't wait that long so I have at least registered the VIN now. We'll update as soon as we get the info from Tom about his incoming 1968 383 GTS 4 speed convertible!

  • LS27H8B152***: GTS#535: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Now owned by Eric H. at Fight TV restored by Wounded Warriors Original listing as follows: This one-of-40 1968 GTS convertible is owned by Dave K. residing in Arizona. Dave picked up this project GTS from the Detroit area. It is BB1 Black with a white convertible top and white bucket seat interior. The 383 is backed by a 727 and has manual disc brakes and a 577 console tachometer. Dave is in the process of restoring his 383 GTS.

  • LS23H8B157***: GTS#409: This 1968 GTS is located in Hawaii and owned by Brian. This is a bare bones 383 GTS. 3.23 gear with a 4 gear backing up the 383. Built on October 3, 1967 this GTS is still rather unique. Painted BB1 Black with the Blue Interior makes it sort of special, but what really sets off the black-n-blue combo is the RED bumble bee stripe!!! How would you like to feast your orbs on that combination???

  • LS23H8B157***: GTS#601: Frank in Illinois has checked off one of his "bucket list" items with the purchase of this 1968 383 GTS. He used to own a '68 with a 340 4 speed painted QQ1 Bright Blue. This 383 GTS fills in for that original 340 car quite nicely! The 383 has been replaced with a 440 and is backed by a console shifted 727 and 3.55 SG gears. PAinted black with a black bucket seat interior the early-ish build still retains its grill nose piece. Options include the fendertop turn signals, headrests, and radio delete.

  • LS23H8B157***: GTS#356: Don D. from Michigan owns this super sleeper GTS. An original "H" code 383 727 equipped 1968 GTS that is painted factory GG1 Dark Green Metallic and was built on October 3, 1967. Don's GTS also has a green vinyl top and the white longitudal stripe. The "super sleeper" part comes in under the hood. Whilst the outside looks bone stock right down to the red line E70-14's, Don has a 500 CID stroker lurking under the hood.

  • LS23P8B157***: GTS#432: This 1968 GTS is the favorite car in Pete's collection. Originally a PP1 Red with black vinyl top and interior, it was a stripe delete car when ordered. Pete now has it painted B5 Bright Blue with no vinyl top and sporting a blue bumble bee stripe. There is a restored 340 under the hood in front of the 727 console shifted trans and pushing thru to the current 3.55 gears. This New York based GTS has Pete as its third owner and with only 70,000 miles on the clock.

  • LS23P8B157***: GTS#563: Vicky from Pennsylvania owns a number of Mopars and two of them are 1968 GTS's. This one is a 1968 340 GTS with a 727 that they bought for $500 in 2001 and have since completed the restoration of their GTS. This 340 GTS is green with a white stripe and white bucket seat/console interior.

  • LS23P8B159***: GTS#100: Another Canadian entry, this time from British Columbia. Keith F. inherited this 340 GTS from his brother in 1988. It is still in the condition that Keith recieved it and he takes it out to stretch the 340's muscles once in awhile. It is originally a UU1 Light Blue metallic with light blue bucket seat interior. 340 running thru the 727 Torqueflite to a set of SureGrip 3.23 gears. It was ordered with the redline tires and has a white bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23H8B165***: GTS#370: Andrew C. just picked up this red 1968 383 GTS. Currently mini tubbed and painted red, Andrew is considering his options before diving into the car. He can tell us that this 383/727 is the original drivetrain for the car and the interior is a black bucket seat with console. All the original parts are there to make this an easy restoration!

  • LS27H8B165***: GTS#22: Rob from NJ registers his 383 GTS. White with black convertible top, black interior, and red longitudal stripe. This GTS came equipped with white line tires and a 3.23 sure grip when new, it was built on 10-10-67. Rob is slowly performing the restoration on this One-of-40 383/727 convertible! He bought the GTS from his father in the 1980's. The GTS had been hit in the back end and a lot of bondo and rust issues were discovered. As we know, the paint and body shop takes out most of our restoration budget dollars! Even though the original 383 is long gone, the GTS still retains its original 4 speed. This GTS is also listed in the old Alan Miller pre-internet registry.

  • LS23P8B166***: GTS#380: Jim M. from Washington State came all the way to Minnesota to pick up his 1968 GTS. This is a 340/727 GTS with very few options. The car has been modified by a previous owner and Jim plans on make a very nice cruiser out of his "new" GTS. Jim's GTS is PP1 Red with a black vinyl top, black interior and black bumble bee.

  • LS27P8B166***: GTS#675: Allan from Manitoba has owned his One-of-271 1968 340/727 convertible for over 24 years. Originally FF1 Light Green Metallic, it is now sporting a burgundy paint job. It has a white bucket seat interior, white bumble bee stripe, and a white convertible top.

  • LS23H8B168***: GTS#55: This GTS was originally light blue metallic/w light blue interior, 4sp/w console. It could be called a *bare bones* GTS having an AM radio and tinted windshield as the only options, it's currently white/w black interior and sports a 440 for power. It's owned by Pat in southern California.

  • LS23P8B169***: GTS#537: A total project GTS owned by Larry G. in Missouri. This is a 340/727/3.23 drivetrain. Currently white with a dark green bucket seat interior.

  • LS23H8B169***: GTS#138: Built on Wednesday, October 13, 1967, Joe M. from PA gace his 383 GTS a face lift 3 years ago. Painted GG1 Dark Green Metallic and has a black interior. Some of the options of note are a 4 speed and 3.55 gears, rear defroster, remote mirrors, console, tinted windows, fender top signals, wood grain wheel, and the grill center piece.

  • LS23P8B177***: GTS#104: Nice color combo on this 340 GTS owned by Ray from NY. WW1 White with a red bumble bee and the S6R Red interior! This 340 is backed by a 727 Torqueflite and 3.23 SG gears. Other options include the deluxe "mag style" wheel covers, woodgrain wheel, console, light group, and redline tires. Ray's GTS also sports the center grill piece! See the picture below!

  • LS23P8B181***: GTS#696: Juan C. from Texas just picked up this 1968 GTS. This project GTS is powered by a 340 with 727 and 3.23 SG gears and will be receiving a proper restoration when Juan is done with it. Built on Monday October 23, 1967 this GTS was painted JJ1 Medium Gold with a gold bucket seat/console interior. Currently, this GTS is painted Plum Crazy purple. Other options included all 3 moldings, AM radio, power disc brakes, power steering, fender top signals, LH remote mirror, bumperettes, tinted glass, 3 speed wipers, rear defogger and A/C!

  • LS23H8B181***: GTS#681: This former drag car was parked in a New York City warehouse in the early 1970's. It had less than 8000 miles on the odometer when Benton W. bought this 1968 GTS. Benton now has the GTS in Iowa. This 1968 GTS came with the 383/727/3.55 SG. It now has a 4 speed backing up the original 383. Painted GG1 Racing Green Metallic, this GTS has a black bucket seat console interior and a white bumble bee stripe. Benton's GTS was absolutely rust free when he bought it and is now restored.

  • LS23H8B181***: GTS#662: Lee C. from California is the third owner of this 1968 GTS. The 2nd owner found the GTS for sale on a used car lot at a Toyota dealership in 1989. Lee has owned the GTS since 1996. Built on 10/25/1967, this GTS came equipped with a 383, 4 speed and 3.23 gears. It was street raced in its past, and sported a set of fenderwell headers. The 4 speed was replaced with a 727 during this time too. Lee is accumulating the parts to return his GTS to 4 speed status. The 383 is rebuilt and pumps out 450HP. This GG1 Dark Green GTS has a black bucket seat interior and originally came with a white horizontal stripe. It currently sports a white bumble bee; which Lee likes better anyways!

  • LS27P8B183***: GTS#467: Bought by Mark S. from VA in 2005, this is a "One of 44" 340 convertible GTS. Painted GG1 Dark Green, Mark's 340 is backed by a 4 speed and a 3.23 gear. The interior consists of green buckets with console and topped by a black top and white horizontal stripe. Other options included power disc brakes, power steering, and a power soft top. July 2011-Mark has finished the ground-up restoration of his convertible. The results are stunning-- click the link to see it!

  • LS23P8B190*** GTS#412: A pretty bare-bones GTS is owned by Troy from PA. This 340 4 speed has a set of 3.55 SG gears. Painted GG1 Dark Green with black interior and a white bumble bee stripe. Troy thinks he may the the second owner of this 340 GTS. Troy's GTS was only SEVEN cars in front of Jeff's GTS#395 listed below! Troy has completed the restoration of his GTS as of Spring 2018! Here is the 340 just about ready to be fired up!!

  • LS23P8B190***: GTS#395: Jeff L. from Kansas owns this YY1 Medium Tan 1968 GTS. Jeff's GTS has a 1970 340 under the hood backed with a 727 auto and a 4.10 geared Sure Grip. Built on November 6, 1967, Jeff's GTS has a black vinyl top and black interior (former gold interior).

  • LS23P8B190***: GTS#11: 340 GTS also owned by Tom from OR. This is an unrestored ( in need of a full restoration ) Yellow with black vinyl top, and black bumble bee stripe!

  • LS23H8B193***: GTS#295: Greg K. from Alberta, Canada picked up where the former owner of this 383 GTS left off! The car was pulled out of a storage yard by the former owner as just a shell. He started with the conversion to a street/strip car with installing frame connectors and a 8 point cage. Greg bought the car like this and finished up the job. This former UU1 Blue car is now wearing a brilliant coat of white. Including the underside that was done to perfection on a rotissiere. It now sports a StageIV headed 440 block and a 727 automatic running to a spool 4.30 gear. Greg has owned A-bodies since his first car in 1985 (1969 Dart GT 318 convertible)!

  • LS23H8B193***: GTS#558: Jeff C. live on Prince Edward Island, Canada and he is starting the restoration on his former drag car- a 1968 383 GTS. Jeff's GTS was raced with a 440 under the hood from 1979 to 1984 and then it went into covered/heated storage until 2006 when Jeff's buddy bought the old "Moody Blue" GTS. He sold Jeff the GTS in 2007. This is an original QQ1 Bright Blue GTS with black bucket seat with no console, black vinyl top, and black bumble bee stripe. Except for the race car lettering, it looks like the GTS is still wearing its OE paint and trim. The 383 was backed up with a 4 speed and a 3.23 SG. Other options included a AM radio, tinted glass, 3 speed wiper, and manual disc brakes. This is a 686 code "Built for Canada" export car that was built on Friday November 3, 1967.

  • LS23P8B195*** GTS#584: Owned since 2001, Mark K.'s 1968 will be undergoing a full restoration. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Mark bought GTS#332 (1967 383 GTS) to drive and enjoy while he finishes up GTS#584! The '68 GTS is a 340 with a 4 speed and 3.23 gears. Built on Tuesday, November 07. 1967, it rolled out painted LL1 Medium Turquoise with a white bumble bee stripe and white interior.

  • LS23P8B195***: GTS#244: John from Nova Scotia has almost owned this GTS since new. Sold in 1968, John picked this one up in 1969! PP1 Red with a black vinyl top and interior. This 340 is followed by a 727 Torqueflite and 3.23 gears. other options included power steering and power brakes. This is a "number" matching GTS!

  • LS27P8B195***: GTS#78: Another "celebrity" GTS joins the Registry. Formerly featured in HotRod, Chrysler Power, Car Craft, and Custom Rodder in the early 1980's, this GTS is referred to as the first "Pro Street"car! Back halved, tubbed, and caged,, this is a former 340 GTS convertible. Now sporting a blown Hemi, this GTS was just featured in Mopar Action magazine. Currently owned by Tony H. from NY, it was running 8.60's in the 1/4 mile back in 1985.

  • LS23P8B197***: GTS#259: Dan from Ohio is the third owner of this 104,000 mile 1968 340 GTS. It is a "project" car. Dan has all the parts, but the car was purchased in a disassembled state! Orignally, this QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic painted GTS had a 31W white longitugdal stripe with the light blue bucket seat interior. The interior had been changed to black by a previous owner, and Dan plans on keeping the black interior. Build date is November 9, 1967 and originally sold in the Dayton, OH area. A fairly low optioned car, it is unique with the bucket seat interior retaining a column shift for the 727!

  • LS23P8B197***: GTS#531: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## 1/02/2017 updated from current owner Joe K. in Maryland. Joe has upgraded the brakes to front discs, upgraded the cooling system, underhood wiring harness, new heater core, and new interior. The following is the original listing: Matt G. from Florida was searching for a GTS. Before going to a dealer in Fl to look at a gold GTS, Matt traveled to the Mopar Nationals and ran into a fellow Floridian who clued Matt onto a GTS for sale back in FLORIDA! Matt found a 71 year old owner with a FF1 Light Green 1968 GTS that was too sweet to pass up! This 340 GTS has a 4 speed and 3.23 gears. Painted the aforementioned FF1, it also has a medium green bucket seat interior and dark green vinyl top. Other options include A/C, power steering and power brakes. The GTS has spent its entire life basking in the warmth of Florida and Matt is the 4th owner. This GTS was built on Thursday, November 9, 1968.

  • LS27P8B198***: GTS#451: Painted GG1 Dark Green with a white convertible top and white interior, this GTS is owned by Vince from MT and is only showing 46,000 original miles. Vince bought this GTS from the family of the original owner. This is a heavily optioned GTS. Besides being a 1 of 271 GTS, this car also has a column shifted 727 auto with bench seats, power top, map and courtesy lights, locking glove box, pedal dress up, cigarette lighter, remote LH mirror, AM radio, air conditioning, power disc brakes, 3 speed wipers, bumperettes, and hood insulation pad. This GTS is restored to original condition and wears the white horizontal side stripe to accent the GG1 paint. Oddly enough, the last three GTSs registered have all been convertibles!

  • LS23P8B199***: GTS#525: A long trip for this GTS brought it back to Bill in PA. Bill's buddy bought this 1968 340 GTS from the original owner in 1974 and then sold it a couple of year later. The GTS migrated to Michigan, then Ohio, and back to Michigan. It came back to Pennsylvania and ended up 15 miles from Bill's (the 2nd owner-remember him?) buddy's home! Bill's younger brother bought it to restore, but sold it to Bill instead!! This 340 GTS was originally JJ1 Medium Gold with black bucket seat interior, black vinyl top, and black horizontal stripe. Options include 4 speed, 3.23 gears, 3 speed wipers, head rests, drip and wheel well mouldings, LH remote mirror, electric windshield washer and 3 speed motor, and power steering.

  • LS27H8B200***: GTS#75: Joe D. from NY owns this nice 383 GTS convertible! Originally a SS1 Yellow with stripe delete, it currently sports a B5 paintjob with a black bumblebee. Joe is accumulating parts to fully restore this nice big block GTS convertible. Joe's GTS is now being restored and he has plans of finishing it by July, 2009 and restore it back to its SS1 Yellow origins. The SS1 paint has been applied and Joe is getting ready to bolt it all back together. It's build date was Nov. 10, 1967 and was last restored in 1985. Joe has run a best of 14.0 @ 100 mph on a rare track run! The options included the 383 Magnum, 4 speed, power top, with tinted glass. The 4 speed rows through a Inland shifter watching the RPM's on the N85 tachometer. It had the molding group, and fender turn signals. The factory "mag-like" hubcaps adorned the original E70-14 whitewalls! ##UPDATE##--Joe is finished with the complete restoration of his one-of-40 GTS convertible! The SS1 stripe delete paint is complete-gorgeous!. The black 4 speed console interior is complete. The 383 is rebuilt and ready to go!!

  • LS23P8B203***: GTS#198: Damian H. from Ohio has this original/unrestored 340 GTS. Still sporting its original GG1 Racing Green paint, this 4 speed car has a white interior, white bumble bee, and black vinyl top and has spent its entire life in Ohio. Other options include the wood grain wheel and bucket seat/console combo. Damian's GTS does not have the center grill piece! Its build date was Wednesday November 15, 1967.

  • LS23H8B205***: GTS#85: A hard life as a street racer led this abused 383 GTS into the hands of Ted from California. Now back to it's original white with red bumble bee stripe! The interior is also back to the OEM burgandy/metallic red. This is a A833 4 speed car, originally run thru 3.91 gears, and now going thru a 4.10 SureGrip. The GTS was built in November, 1967 and retains the grill nose piece! Ted is still upset that the previous Owner/Racer swapped out the original disc brakes for 10" drums!?!?~~UPDATE~~This GTS is now owned by Randy M. from Illinois!

  • LS23H8B205***: GTS#460: Daryl F. from Alberta, Canada just picked up his second GTS. He owns GTS#371 and just bought this 383 GTS as a project car. This is a numbers matching 383/727 that is in need of a total restoration but Daryl reports the rust-free body is so nice, on his newest GTS, that it will be moving to the body shop in Jan. 2010. 44,000 miles show on the clock on this 1968 MM1 Turbine Bronze model. White interior and a stripe delete. This GTS has the cneter nose piece.

  • LS23H8B206***: GTS#428: Tim B. from Nebraska owns 21 Mopars and this is his second GTS. This one is a 1968 383/727 GTS that is HH1 Gold with gold interior and is stripe delete. This GTS was raced from 1975 to 2001 and is slightly modified. Tim plans on correcting this and returning the GTS back to OE Stock with the original matching 383 and 727.

  • LS23H8B208***: GTS#625: Bill L. from Minnesota has been trying to trace his GTS's roots back to the original owner, The best he has managed is to get to 1995. He does know the GTS was sold originally at Short's Dodge in Santa Monica, CA. It was built on Monday November 20, 1967 and is powered by a 383/727/3.55 combo. Painted JJ1 Medium Gold Metallic with white bumble bee and white/gold interior. It does have it original drivetrain and is now showing 103,000 miles on the clock.

  • LS23H8B209***: GTS#182: Jeff J. from Ohio just celebrated his 53rd birthday by attending the Route 66 Festival and using his 383 GTS to enjoy the trip. 2500 miles and 50 hours behind the wheel. At 12 m.p.g. to boot! Originally, this was a Blue on Blue 383 Auto GTS. Equipped with optional console Tach and bucket seats, this was also a stripe delete car. Currently, it is painted Plum Crazy with a black interior and white bumble bee. The car was originally purchased from Liechty Motors in Archbold, OH.

  • LS23P8B210***: GTS#300: Eric W. is the 4th owner of this 1968 340 GTS. Picked up in southern Ohio, Eric resides just across the state line in Kentucky. This 340 GTS is an older restoration that did some dragstrip duty in its past life. Originally yellow with a black interior, the GTS now is red with a black interior. It also has the N85 Console Tachometer.

  • LS23P8B210***: GTS#560: George K. from Los Angeles, CA is reporting in with his 1968 340 4 speed GTS. He picked it up in 1997 and he states he brought it back from the dead to use as his daily driver until now. It is originally a QQ1 Bright Blue with a white horizontal stripe. The interior was white with a console shifted 4 speed. The 340 is a 1970 block with Edelbrock intake and carb and TTi exhaust. The original front drum brakes have been converted to disc, with 11" drums now in the back. Currently the GTS is painted flat black.

  • ##LS23H8B213***: GTS#24: A former Mopar Action Aug 1994 featured 383 GTS. Now owned by Tim from IN this is a fairly well optioned, fully restored GTS. AA1 Silver with red interior and red bumble bee. This 383 auto car was built on Nov. 24, 1967. It does have the grill center piece, light package, fender turn signals, headrests, console tachometer, woodgrain wheel, bumperettes, 3 spd wiper, and pedal dress-up.

  • LS27H8B213***: GTS #682: This is a restored 383/727 One-of-40 383/727 1968 GTS convertible. Painted SS1 Yellow with a black soft top, black bumble bee.

  • LS23H8B213***: GTS#307: Jim from Oklahoma is starting the restoration process on his 1968 383 GTS. This 4 gear car was bought by Jim off of a used car lot over 20 years ago!! Originally PP1 Red with black vinyl top, black interior, and black bumble bee, Jim plans on being done with the resto by Spring of 2007!!!

  • LS23H8B215***: GTS#354: Jim from Illinois picked up this 383 GTS from out west. This car resided in New Mexico and California with two previous long-time owners. Jim thinks they kept the GTS somewhat (70%) original. This former QQ1 Bright Blue car is now a faded darker blue with no stripes. It should have the black horizontal stripe to go with the black bucket seat interior and black vinyl top. The center console sports the factory tachometer. The grill does have the center piece. There is a 1967 440 under the hood with a Six Pak induction system and the 4 gear box has a 1970 casting date. The 3.23 SG is the original unit with the car. The restoration will commence shortly!

  • LS23P8B216***: GTS#617: Having owned his 1968 GTS since 1995, Neil from Saskatchewan, Canada hopes to finish the restoration this summer. Having been built on Friday, December 1, 1967, Neil's GTS rolled off the Hamtramck line as a Ordered car. It was painted Green with a black vinyl top, and a white bumble bee stripe. The GTS is powered by a 340 with a console shifted 727 and 3.23 gears. Other options included wheel and drip mouldings, passenger side mirror and left hand remote mirror.

  • LS23P8B223***: GTS#129: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## GTS#129 is now owned by Gerry W from Northern Ireland. He has performed a part restoration with new quarters, fenders, and a shiny coat of new paint. Here is the original listing:This 68 340 4sp GTS was sent to us from Alex who lives across that big pond called The Atlantic Ocean in England. A yellow GTS w/black interior it had a 383 for motivation at one time but now has the 340 installed and uses a 3.23 gear set. Built on Dec 6 1967 Alex tells us the car has now been in the UK for about 10 years. It's good to know that people from all the world have an interest in the GTS!!! NOTE: This 68 GTS is now owned by Dean I.. Still residing in the UK!

  • LS23H8B223***: GTS#13: Dr.Bill's 383 4 spd GTS was an original GG1 Racing Green w/ black vinyl top and interior. Now "Black on Black" it retains its original S9 "stripe delete". Now in MI, the GTS sports all the chrome trim options, but no center grill piece.

  • LS23H8B224***: GTS#81: Here's another original owner story about their 1968 383 GTS.....Owned by Sonny, he originally ordered a 340 4 speed GTS. Due to a plant strike, he was delayed in taking delivery of his GTS. He had time to change his mind, and decided to get a 383 automatic car instead. Here is a sample of his window sticker ( which Sonny has, along with the invoice, build sheet, 1968 tag receipt, letter from Dodge, owner's manual, and CertiCard!!!)

    Sonny had also traded in his 1963 225 slant six Dart for the sum of $900! Now, this might help clear up the mystery of the nose piece. Sonny took delivery of his GTS on December 18, 1967. Possibly the UAW strike had something to do with the timing of the disappearance of the nose piece from production?!? This may be our clue! This GTS is also a 122,000 original mile SURVIVOR that still has the original red line spare tire in the trunk! This is a white/black interior/black bumblebee/black vinyl top that remains Sonny's pride and joy after all these years!

  • LS27H8B225***: GTS#143: This QQ1 blue with blue interior convertible is a rare 383 automatic, with a 3.23 sure grip. Tom from San Diego bought it from the original owner in March of 2002, built on 12-7-67, the window sticker, certicard, and build sheet are all still with it after 35 years! Very Cool!!

  • LS23M8B225***: GTS#169: Check out the GSS Registry below!

  • LS23M8B225***: GTS#646: Check out the GSS Registry Below!!

  • LS23M8B225***: GTS#87: Check out the GSS Registry below!

  • LS23H8B226***: GTS#43: Owned by Bryan D., this is a highly modified GTS. The only info we have is that it delights in terrorizing Chevies and Fords with its Ray Barton built 500 inch engine. Carbed with a Six Pack, Bryan shifts the 4 speed to turn the 4.10 Dana60 gears!

  • LS23P8B226*** GTS#179: Originally a GG1 Racing Green with green bucket interior and white stripe 340 GTS. The 340/727 are long gone, and Jon O. from MN reports that his is now a S/S Hemi clone. Black on black with a silver bumble bee. It runs 10.65 @ 125mph. Jon says "It is BEAUTIFUL" and with that combination we believe him!

  • LS23H8B228***: GTS#145: Sold new from Anaheim Dodge in Feb of 68 Mark bought it in San Diego in 1977, a real hot rod this GTS has no PS or PB. Originally light green w/black vinyl top and white interior with green dash and carpet it's getting a dark green paint job with a black interior during it's restoration.

  • LS23H8B229***: GTS#580: Bill P. from Massachusetts picked up this 1968 383 GTS. Built on Monday, December 11, 1967 the GTS has a 383 with the 727 auto trans and 3.23 SG. Painted UU1 Light Blue Metallic with a blue interior.

  • LS23P8B229***: GTS#313: Gordon from Vancouver Island, BC registers his 340 4 gear GTS!! This is currently the second 340/4 speed Canadian owned 1968 GTS in the GTS Registry. PP1 red with black interior and a stripe delete. Options also include a bucket seat interior, rear window defogger and the ever popular AM Music Master radio!! Gordon has to investigate the stampings on his fender tag before we can list his options. According to the tag, this GTS should have a driver side SPOTLIGHT?!?!?

  • LS23P8B229***: GTS#147: Stacy from Pa. sent this story about his GTS he has owned for 25 years but sat in driveway for 13 years while he worked on house, it's a 340/727 and has 3.23 gears. Originally Yellow w/black vinyl top and black interior it has (rare for 68) headrest and has become a Father and Son project that may have a blower on it!!!

  • LS23H8B230***: GTS #705: Robert C. from California spent 10 years tracking down his father's old GTS, which his dad owned in the 1980's. Robert has found the GTS and is in the process of restoring this 1968 GTS. It is going to be painted it's original QQ1 Bright Blue with a white console interior and white bumblebee stripe. The 383 has a 4 speed behind it and it was built on Tuesday December 12, 1967.

  • LS23P8B233***: GTS#183: ##OWNER UPDATE## Barney S. now owns GTS#183 bought in 2011. Here is the original listing: Richard B. from PA is working on his 1968 340GTS that shows only 28,700 original miles on the odometer!!! This is a TT1 Medium Green Metallic hardtop with dark green interior. Barney adds that the only mods to the meticulous restoration was a set of Rally rims and white letter tires! Barney owned a '68 Dart 270 with a 273 2bbl and he just HAD to have another!! Barney has named his GTS "Grendel" after the mythical half man/half animal in Beowulf!

  • LS23H8B235***: GTS#133: Keith R. owns this number matching 383 4 speed GTS with a little interesting history behind it. Built on Wednesday, December 20, 1967, this GTS was delivered to Town & Country Motors in Washington, Iowa. The green TT1 exterior was ordered by the original owner because it reminded him of the military green. Only shinier!!! The white stripe was added, as this is an original stripe delete vehicle. Speaking of delete, this was a bare bones GTS with only buckets and a 4 speed as some of the few choices made. Keith added the cool looking "pistol grip" Mopar shifter, replacing an old Hurst Comp Plus. A rear anti-sway bar was ordered with the car, as well as the original owner reports that the trunk finish panel has always been in argent silver. Never having the traditional GTS black inserts. **UPDATE** We have word that Keith has sold this car. Hopefully we will hear from the new owner!

  • LS23P8B238***: GTS#99: Jon R. from Michigan is the 5th owner of this white 340 GTS. Built on December 21, 1967 this GTS was shipped to Alabama. Father sold it to son, who sold it to a collector in Indiana, who sold it to another collector in Georgia. That is where Jon steps into the history of this car. It is WW1 White with a black vinyl top, interior, and bumble bee. 340 shifts thru the 727 Torqueflite to a set of 3.23 SG gears. Options inlcude A/C, tinted glass, trim moldings, AM radio, and 3 speed wipers. Jon plans on having a 100% concours type restoration performed in the very near future.

  • LS23H8B238***: GTS#122: Recently purchased by Tony S. from California, this is a modified 383 GTS. Pretty sharp looking! Now sporting a radical 440, 727 w/ 3000 stall converter, 3.23 gears and Centerline rims. Tony did receive the number matching 383 block. This is a black interior console bucket seat optioned car. He does not have the grill center piece.

  • LS23P8B238***: GTS#316: John W. from Texas picked up this California GTS back in 1984. Another buyer had two blow-outs on his trailer so John beat him to the GTS!!! This is a PP1 Red 340 4 speed GTS with black interior and a white bumble bee. John is restoring the car back to its original status!!

  • LS23P8B238***: GTS#688: Mike K. owns this 1968 GTS. It is a 340 backed by a console shifted 727 and 3.23SG gears. Built before Christmas break on Thursday December 21, 1967 it rolled off the Hamtrmack line painted GG1 Dark Green. It has a green bucket seat interior and a white bumble bee stripe. Other options included AM radio, underhood pad, deluxe wheel covers, all 3 moldings, and a LH headrest. It was a former drag car that MIke is restoring.

  • LS23P8B238*** GTS#649: Bill L. from Nebraska has owned his 1968 GTS since 1992. As happens all too often, life got in the way of the restoration. Bill is finally tackling the job. The 340 is ging to the machine shop, and the suspension has been cleaned and painted. Bill's GTS is rather odd in the color scheme department. Painted EE1 Dark Blue Metallic, with a black vinyl top, and light blue interior is not unusual. The RED bumblebee stripe is!! Have to love how we could order cars built to the owner's taste back then!! This GTS is powered by a 340/727 and 3.91 gears. This is also a factory A/C car.

  • LS27P8B240***: GTS#276: Tom is career Navy and living in California. He picked up a couple of GTS cars recently. This one, and GTS #277-LS23P8E108***. #276 is a "project car" that would even give GTS Dave a run for his money. This is a PP1 Red 340 convertible. 4 speed with a 3.23 "open" 8 3/4. Interior is (was?) white with a black top. It was built on Dec. 22, 1967. Stripe delete with bumperettes. Tom's convert came originally from Maryland via Idaho. GOOD LUCK with the project Tom!!!

  • LS23H8B241***: GTS#331: Listed in the Alan Miller Registry, A.F.'s 383 GTS now joins the GTS Registry. A.F. purchased this 383/727/3.23 SG GTS back in 1992. His buddy picked up a 1968 Formula S 383/4spd 'Cuda in the same year. This is a PP1 red with black vinyl top and black bumble bee stripe on the outside. Inside, there is a black bucket seat interior. A.F. will be doing a restoration in the near future. Other options include rear defrost, front and rear bumperettes, fendertop signals, 3 speed wipers, tinted windshield, remote LH mirror, hood pad, full wheelcovers, and whitewall tires.

  • LS23H8B243***: GTS#574: Mitch L. from Maryland scored his 1968 383 GTS with a number matching drivetrain. Mitch thinks the GTS was last registered in Indiana in 1974. A complete GTS with the 383/ 727/ and a 3.23 gear. Painted GG1 Dark Green with a black bucket seat console interior and black vinyl top. The back-end was adorned with a white bumble bee stripe. Mitch has a 1970 383 4 speed 'Cuda that he needs to finish before he starts on the GTS.

  • LS23H8B243***: GTS#540: John from Washington state is working on his original, unrestored 1968 383 GTS. John will be performing a full resto on his big block GTS. This GTS has a 727 and 3.23 gears backing up the 383. Original SS1 Yellow with black bucket seat console interior and black stripe and black vinyl top makes for an attractive package. Other options include a console tachometer. As of 2016 John has completed his full-blown restoration. John did a lot of detective work in the process and managed to trace the GTS back to Day One and the original owner. The GTS was built on December 28, 1967 and sold new as a Special order car thru Hedgecoke Motors in Amarillo, TX. His sister also bought a Dark Blue GTS off the showroom floor. The GTS had a attraction to phone poles as the rear quarters were repaired. The car changed hands several times with the original owner holding the title. The GTS was legally sold to the official second owner in 1999. That owner gave the GTS to his son, who sold it to John in 2011. The 383 and 727 are numbers matching. John performed some minor modifications along the way including KB pistons, Comp Cam, electronic ignition, Edelbrock Direct Connection intake. The 727 has been modified extensively as well. Bilstien shocks, Firm Feel front bar, and poly bushings.

  • LS23H8B246***: GTS#171: Larry F. sent us this 383 4speed "Field Fresh" GTS! QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic/stripe delete car with a white interior. Sometimes you get lucky as Larry found this car only 35 miles from his home in Steinbach, Manitoba Canada.

  • LS23P8B246***: GTS#504: Bruno from Ontario, Canada is the third owner of this SS1 Yellow 340 GTS. His brother bought the GTS in 1971 and then sold the GTS to Bruno in 1973 (with Bruno being just 17 years old). The GTS has 70K miles on the clock and has been in storage for most of the past 35 years. The 340 is stuffed with Direct Connection parts (remember Direct Connection???) and is backed with a 4 speed and 3.91 gears. Bruno's GTS has a black bucket seat interior and black stripe.

  • LS23H8B246***: GTS#444: Bill G. from Pennsylvania owns this JJ1 Medium Gold 383 GTS. The GTS has a black bucket seat/console interior that houses the auto shifter for the 727 behind the 383. Exterior appointments include a black bumble bee stripe and Bill's GTS has the center grill piece.

  • LS27P8B247***: GTS#517: One-of-241 is the body count behind British Columbia' Jim B's 1968 340 GTS convertible. That's how many were made with the 340/727 combo. Jim's GTS rang in the new year by being built on Thursday January 4th, 1968. Painted QQ1 Bright Blue with a white top, white bumble bee stripe, and pearl white interior. The orignal 340 is safely tucked away in Jim's garage with another 340 under the hood now sporting a pair of Carter's on a lowrise Edelbrock dual qaad intake. Jim has owned this GTS since 1978 and has only put 250 miles on the car since it was restored in 2001. Other options included a LH remote mirror, passenger side mirror, wood grain wheel, whell well mouldings, and PS/PB.

  • LS23H8B249***: GTS#507: One of three GTS's owned by Mike from Nebraska-this is a 1968 383 GTS. The non-number matching 383 has a 4 speed and a set of 3.23 gears. Originally PP1 Red with a black top, it is now a PP1 Red hardtop. Currently, Mike's 383 GTS is in the paint shop now and will be on the road soon!

  • LS23H8B249***: GTS#491: Stephen from GA is restoring his 1968 383 GTS. This PP1 Red GTS has a black bucket seat console interior with a white bumble bee stripe. The 383 is backed with a 4 speed making it a one of 991. Currently waiting for the missing second digit in the VIN to properly place GTS #491.

  • LS23H8B249***: GTS#167: Don G. from Indiana is the third owner of this PP1 Red 383 GTS. Don bought the car in 1979. This GTS has appeared in five (5) magazines!!!! Equipment on Don's GTS includes PP1 Red with black vinyl top and black bumble bee. The white interior has seats with the optional head rests, wood grain wheel and tinted glass. The 383 puts power to the 3.91 SG via a 4 speed transmission!

  • ##LS23H8B252***: GTS#291: David D. from Connecticut has an original 383 engine and 4 speed trans still residing in his 1968 GTS. The car was an original MM1 Turbine Bronze but is now wearing a coat of PP1 Red. Black interior, black vinyl top and black bumble bee finish off the color scheme. David's GTS has the console tachometer and the red line tires are mounted on classic Torque Thrust rims! David has owned this GTS since 1982. Built on January 8, 1968, David's GTS is also listed in the old Alan Miller Registry!!

  • LS23H8B252***: GTS#279: David from Kansas is apparently not content with regular Mopar colors! He spotted this 383 4 speed GTS waaaay back in 1979, and was finally able to purchase it in 1981!!! It is now painted FORD Fire Red with a CORVETTE White bumble bee stripe. David wanted the brightest of the bright colors, and with these two choices he attained his goal! This 383 GTS also has a white vinyl top and a white and black interior!

  • LS23H8B252***: GTS#425: Steve from PA owns this 1968 383/727 GTS. It is GG1 Dark Green with green interior. The 383 is original to the car, but it is modified and running GREAT according to Steve. This was a stripe delete car with AM radio and tinted windshield for options. Steve added a red horizontal stripe to add some interest to the GTS.

  • LS27H8B252***: GTS#47: Owned by Bryce and family from TX, this is an original 383 Convertible GTS. It was found behind a neighborhood shop and purchased with the intention of completion by September 2005. Now sporting a 4 speed and the worst maroon imaginable, this was an original FF1 Light Metallic Green with green interior 727 equipped GTS.

  • LS23H8B252***: GTS#365: Jim B. (who also owns GTS#354) picked up this "project car" hoping to pluck parts from the car. It turns out this former 383 GTS is a lot nicer than expected so Jim will be putting it back together instead! This is a 383/727 GTS that came in SS1 Yellow with a black bucket seat console interior. This was a light optioned car with just the moulding package, AM radio, and tinted windshield. The car was scheduled to be built on Sunday January 8, 1968. We wish Jim "Good Luck" with the project!

  • LS23P8B254***: GTS#693: Ian C. from AUSTRALIA reports in with his 1968 GTS. Originally bought in Kentucky, this GTS was exported to Australia in 2014. Built on Wednesday January 10, 1968 at the Hamtramck< Michigan plant it rolled off the line painted QQ1 Bright Blue with a black vinyl top, black bucket seat interior, and a black horizontal stripe. Ian's GTS is powered with with the 340/727 and 3.23 gears. Options included underhood pad, and all 3 mouldings and AM radio and power steering.
  • LS23P8B254***: GTS#110: This one comes from Arizona and is owned by Joseph D. It is a Bright Blue QQ1 340 GTS with white top and white interior. Joe will be undertaking a full restoration on this column shifted 727 Torqueflite A-body.

  • LS23H8B257***: GTS#18: Owned by Darrell from IL, this is another 383 GTS. Formerly a race car, Darrell is anticipating having it turn-key in May 2002. Originally QQ1 Blue with a white interior and black longitudal stripe. The GTS was radio and heater delete, but had the console tachometer.

  • LS23P8B258***: GTS#390: Tim G. from Kentuckey just picked up his 1968 GTS in February of 2007. He's been hitting cruise-in's, the Mopar Nats and drag strips since then with his new toy!! Tim's GTS is PP1 Bright Red with a white interior and white bumble bee stripe. The 340 is backed up with a console shifted 727 TF and a 3.55 SG.

  • LS23P8B259***: GTS#137: This was an original FF1 Mist Green 340 GTS owned by Clay from Ohio. It is now modified and used by Clay as his daily driver at college. It now is powered by a 12 second capable 360/904 combination and is painted red.

  • LS23P8B260***: GTS#443: Don from Massachusetts owns this 1968 340 GTS. Don's GTS was originally JJ1 Medium Gold Metallic but is now sporting a flat black paint job. The 340 is backed by a column shifted 727 with bucket seats. Built on Tuesday, January 16, 1968, this GTS has factory A/C. UPDATE!! Don completed the restoration of his 1968 GTS in early 2010 bringin ghis GTS back to its former glory. Painted the original JJ1 with a black bumble bee stripe and poverty caps, the engine compartment also matches the outside as well!

  • LS23P8B260***: GTS#400: Congrats to Alden T. from Maine whose GTS becomes the 400th GTS to enter the roll call here on the GTS Registry!! Alden is the second owner of this 1968 340/727 GTS. This is a JJ1 Medium Gold paint with dark green vinyl top, black bumble bee, and gold interior. He bought the car from the original owner in 1980 and has been slowly restoring it since. After the restoration was complete, Alden allowed the original owner to have a turn behind the wheel!! This GTS was also the car in which Alden proposed to his wife of 25 years in! Obviously, this is a special GTS.

  • LS23P8B262***: GTS#637: Phil T. from Texas is the original owner of this 1968 340 GTS. He received it as a high school graduation present in 1968! What a cool gift!! Phil has recently completed a rotisserie restoration a few years ago. This 340 powered GTS has its born-with drivetrain with the 340, 727 auto trans and 3.23 gears. Painted QQ1 Bright Blue with a Light Blue interior, white vinyl top, and white bumble bee stripe. Factory options included full wheel covers, power steering and factory A/C to combat those Texas summers! The odd thing with Phil's GTS is that it has a COLUMN shifter with the bucket seats!

  • LS27P8B265***: GTS#378: Steve L. from S&N Reproductions in Indiana just picked up this 1968 GTS 340 convertible. Steve has been into Mopars for some time and is rekindling the GTS flame with this triple green convertible. it is a 340 with a console shifted 727. GG1 Green with green interior. Most inportant factory option is the A/C unit together with the soft top. Other options include dual mirrors, bumperettes, woodgrain wheel, fender top signals, and light package. This GTS was delivered NEW to Galton Georgia Dodge on April 18, 1968! Steve will be doing a full blown restoration on this GTS to equal his former Silver Buffed Metallic GTS shown on the 1968 GTS Registry page.

  • LS27P8B272***: GTS#220: Purchased new on 2-9-1968 from Dennett and Popp Dodge in Hartford, CT, this stunning dark green 340 GTS remains on the east coast. Now owned by Rich from NH, this convertible was built on 1-30-1968. Originally TT1 Medium Green, this GTS is now painted GG1 Racing Green which is contrasted nicely by the white top and white longitudal stripe! The number matching 340 now has a 4 speed behind it but was an orignal 727 Torqueflite car!! **UPDATE**....Chris (GTS Member #140-1967 GTS VIN 355***) is now the owner of this 1968 GTS. Chris lives in North Carolina.

  • LS23H8B277***: GTS#497: Al B. from Maine is the 6th owner of this 1968 383 GTS. Originally purchased on 2/20/1968 in Salisbury, Maryland, this SS1 Yellow GTS has spent its entire life along the Eastern seaboard. This one-of 991 GTS has the 383 backed by the 833 4 speed and a 3.23 gear. The interior is black, with buckets, console, and console tachometer. The SS1 Yellow is contrasted with a horizontal black stripe.

  • LS23H8B278***: GTS#657: Patrick L. from California is the 3rd owner of this 1968 383 GTS. Patrick purchased the GTS out of Georgia with only 35,000 miles showing on the odometer which Patrick thinks is the original mileage due to the well maintained condition of his GTS. Built on Monday February 5, 1968 came painted EE1 Dark Blue Metallic with a white interior. One of the better options on this GTS is the factory console mounted tachometer.

  • LS23P8B278***: GTS#178: Charlie C. from TX owns this SS1 Sunfire Yellow 340GTS. Black interior, black stripe along with a black vinyl top against the yellow marks this as a Scat Pack Bee!! The car has factory A/C, P/S, and a booming AM Music Master as options. Charlie is putting his GTS thru a complete restoration!

  • LS27H8B278***: GTS#485: Paul from CT owns this one-of-40 1968 383 convertible. He is the second owner of this GTS having bought it 1990 from the original owner. The 383 is backed by a 727 and 3.23 gears. It's painted EE1 Dark Blue with a S6B Light Blue interior. The soft top is black and the GTS was ordered as a "stripe delete". Paul's GTS was built on Monday, February 5, 1968.

  • LS23HB8280***: GTS#205: Formerly owned by Dean H. from MI, this 383 GTS now is owned by Dave F. also from MI. This one is a RR1 Burgandy Metallic with black interior and is stripe delete. 4 speed, but no console with the bucket seats and 3.91 SG gears. Showing an original 48,000 miles, the GTS now has a 1965 426 Street Wedge under the hood, but Dave also has the original 383.

  • LS27P8B281***: GTS#622: Jack from New Jersey found his parent's One-of-44 1968 GTS 340/4 speed convertible after a 36 year search! It was hauled out of the woods, but looking complete. His father ordered the GTS in 1967 and the car was built on February 7, 1968 with a sticker price of $3375. Jack's mom drag race the GTS in 1970 and won three events!! Here is Jack's mom reunited with her old "grocery getter." Painted QQ1 Bright Blue with a Light Blue interior, black convertible top and white bumble bee stripe. Options included bucket seats w/ head rests, AM radio, and tinted windshield. The family lost track of the GTS when they sold it around 1979. It is rough, but complete. Oddly enough, the GTS came delivered with GT interior door emblems-and they are still there!

  • LS23P8B281***: GTS#665: Ray C. from Rhode Island saved this dormant 1968 GTS. Parked in 1989 and disassembled, parts packed in boxes and the shell left to sit in a garage after new rear quarters and trunk pan were installed. Ray bought the project GTS in 2016 and proceeded to get it ALL back together and on the road by 2017!! Originally painted MM1 Turbine Bronze it now sports a primer gray exterior, but the engine bay is still wearing the original MM1. The 340 is backed by a 727 and 3.23 gears. Good work Ray for saving another one!

  • LS23P8B283***: GTS#131: Donn S. from California owns this SS1 Yellow 340 GTS. It is a heavily equipped car with every option except A/C. This GTS has the original 340 ( except with headers ) and a 4 speed shooting back to the current 3.91 gears. This has a tan interior, black vinyl top, and black bumble bee. Donn is the original owner!

  • LS23H8B285***: GTS#454: Pauline S. from Wisconsin is the ORIGINAL owner of this 1968 383 4 speed GTS. She purchased the GTS new in June 1968 and she has all the original documentation and she has only rolled up 70,000 miles since then. Some of these original miles were earned a 1/4 mile at a time as evidenced by the fender wells cut out for headers. This GTS is MM1 Turbine Bronze with black interior and a black horizontal stripe. We're just waiting for Pauline to start a restoration on her '68 GTS after storing it for 35 years.

  • LS23H8B285***: GTS#570: Jari S. from Finland just picked up this 1968 383 GTS from California and had it shipped to his home in Finland. Built on Monday February 12, 1968, the GTS left the Hamtramck, MI plant painted EE1 Dark Blue with a blue/white bucket seat/no console interior and a white bumble bee stripe. The 383 was backed up with a 4 speed and a 3.23 SureGrip. The only option on the GTS was a AM radio! Currently painted silver, Jari's GTS was converted into a full blown race car packing a injected 440 backed up with a 727 and the full complement of suspension and safety mods.

  • LS23P8B286***: GTS#623: Darren K. from Ontario reports that his father's GTS has a very rare option. Darren's dad is the second owner of this 1968 GTS. Purchased in 1972 with 19,000 miles on it, he has only added another 40,000 miles in the past 42 years. The 340/727 power train drives the 3.91 gears (originally 3.23 gears). What's so rare? You ask? This GTS is painted FF1 Light Green with a Dark Green bucket seat/console interior and this is offset by the DARK GREEN PAINTED hardtop!

  • LS23P8B286***: GTS#634: While finishing a garage build for a customer, Stephen from MN starts talking cars with the garage owner. Stephen mentions he is looking for a 1969 Dart. The garage owner mentions that he is getting "into" Mustangs, and he has a 1968 GTS parked out back! Fate intervenes for another GTS owner and a deal is struck!! Stephen restored his 1968 GTS in 1996. Originally a 340/727 car, it now has a 383 under the bulge hood. The '68 is painted GG1 Green with green interior and a white bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23P8B286***: GTS#470: Brian Marks from New Jersey will be returning his too light blue 1968 GTS back to its original QQ1 Bright Blue paint finish during the coming year. He purchased his GTS from an estate and is in the process of restoring this old Mopar. Brian has already finishd the undercarriage and engine compartment. The body and paint is next on his list. Originally bought in Feburary of 1968, this GTS has a hot 340 and 727 trans in front of the 3.23 rear gear. As stated before, it came wearing QQ1 Bright blue with a black vinyl top, black bucket seat interior, and black bumble bee stripe. Other options included rear defrost, light package, and 3 speed wipers.

  • LS2H8B286***: GTS#377: You may notice a digit missing from the VIN. The fender tag is as unique as the story behind Rick G.'s 1968 383 GTS. Rick has the original fender tag and it is missing the "3" signifying a hardtop! Rick lives in Colorado and is about the 3rd or 4th owner of this 383 GTS. It started out as a GG1 Dark Green/black vinyl top/black interior/white bumble bee stripe 3.55 geared 383/727 GTS. Previous owners had converted it to a drag car with mini tubs, a Dana60 rear end, and wheel well headers. This is a former class champion with 11.13 timeslips from 1968 and a 426 MaxWedge replacing the 383!! The car was sold and campaigned as the "Valley Machine Dart" before being sold again to another racer who ran a tunnel rammed 383 under the hood and turned the GTS into a bracket car. The car then sat in storage for over 20 years before Rick rescued it. With all the past modifications, Rick plans on keeping it "period correct" with all the late 60's early 70's drag equipment instead of trying to spend all the time and money to restore the car instead. The complete interior and solid body convinced Rick to keep its drag racing heritage but making it street legal again!! I'm assuming it is very low miles (1/4 mile at a time?) and as long as it's turning it's wheels, nobody will mind keeping the racing heritage!

  • LS23P8B289***: GTS#420: A 440/727 resides under the hood of this former 340 GTS owned by David from Illinois. This red GTS was raced at one time in Ohio and is currently badged as a GSS "tribute" car now sporting a Six Pak hood and black bumble bee stripe.

  • ##LS23H8B290***: GTS#338: Scott from Michigan thinks there is a limit as to how much green one can tolerate. His 1968 383 GTS is a 4 speed car with a 3.23 SG gear, bucket seats, console, and is radio delete. Scott has owned the car for three years and is restoring the GTS back to ~almost~ original condition. I say "almost" because this GTS was originally GG1 Racing Green Metallic with a green vinyl top, and green interior. To quote Scott from his Registry entry email- "the car is just too green." He plans on keeping the paint GG1, but swapping the vinyl top over to black, and changing the green interior over to white!! Also listed in the Alan Miller Registry!!

  • LS23P8B290***: GTS#414: Steve G. from TN has owned his 1968 340 GTS since 1992. This is a former SS1 Yellow with black vinyl top car that Steve is changing over to QQ1 Bright Blue without a vinyl top, black interior and black bumbe bee stripe. This is a 340/727/3.23 GTS.

  • LS23H8B293***: GTS#407: Dustin from West Virginia has owned his CC1 Medium Blue 1968 383 GTS for 8 years. The 383 is backed with a 833 4-speed and a 3.91 SG rear end. Dustin's GTS also has a white vinyl top, white bymble bee, and blue/white interior. Duston has added some modifications to the GTS with the addition of big bolt axles and spindles, rallye rims, Weiand intake, and a Flowmaster exhaust system.

  • LS23H8B294***: GTS#564: Vicky from Pennsylvania owns a number of Mopars and two of them are 1968 GTS's. GTS #564 is a 1968 383 GTS backed with a 4 speed and 3.91 SG gears. SS1 Yellow with black bumble stripe and black vinyl top. The bucket seat interior is also black with a console. Other options include 517 fender top signals and 577 Console Tachometer.

  • LS23P8B295***: GTS#554: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## As of 2/21/2016, Tim R. informs us that he is the current owner of GTS#554.Here is the original listing followed by Tim's new info:Oklahoma is now the home for this 1968 340 GTS. Eddy G. just picked up his SS1 Yellow w/ white interior GTS hardtop. It has a 727 and a set of 3.55 SG gears behind the 340. Hope to have more info coming from Eddy as he digs into his GTS. Now Tim's update: Tim has finished the restoration of GTS#554.The GTS is now painted with 2015 Jazz Blue Pearl Paint instead of the original SS1 Yellow.

  • LS23P8B297***: GTS#293: Mike R. from Michigan picked up this 1968 340 GTS in 1995. Mike's buddy picked up this rough "field car" with plans to Pro-Street the GTS. He gave up on the project, and Mike stepped up to the plate. There was no front clip, opened up wheel archs and front fender wells. It was easier to P/S the car at that time instead of restoring. I think Mike pulled off a fine job in finishing this Sea Spray Green GTS!! Formerly a UU1 Light Blue car with light blue interior, the car now shines with the aforementioned Sea Spray Green and black bumble bee. Mike fabbed the back half of the car and the 8 point cage. The current smokin' hot 360 sits under a pair of Holley carbs mounted on a Edelbrock tunnel ram. Oh! Did I mention the 175hp NOS fogger on top of that intake as well?? The trans is a modified 904 and running the powwer back to a 4.56 geared 8 3/4 rearend spinning the 31x18.5 M/T Sportsman tires on 15x15 Weld Prostars.

  • ##LS23P8B299***: GTS#130: I got a real good feeling when this car from Alan's old registry showed up! Still with the same owner, it's now in Las Vagas, NV. Tony bought the car from a impound lot in April of 1986 where it had sat for 13 years for 200 big ones!! A QQ1 metallic blue 340, 4sp, w/white interior and bee stripe, it was built for speed having manual steering and brakes. Some options include the console with the rare N85 tach, fender mounted turn signals, and the ever popular 2 watt AM radio so many of us have. Like many of us, Tony has had to put the restoration on the back burner while raising a family but has been collecting some of the parts needed including getting back one of the GTS door emblems from the guy that stole it some eight years prior while still a kid!?!?!? He plans on putting the car back to its original condition.

  • LS23P8B301***: GTS#219: Owned by Joe, the nephew of Brian L ( Member # 16 ), this 1968 340 GTS will probably end up being a nicely done HotRod! Located in PA, Brian reports this is a 340 with 727 Torqueflite and 3.91 gears. Brian informs us that because there is no broadcast sheet, fender tag, original engine or trans, they will be having some fun with this one! This was an original SS1 Yellow with black top and interior car. It will end up be re-done in QQ1 Blue with a black top and interior. For a good "before" picture, check this out! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!!

  • LS23P8B301*** GTS#615: Frank L. from Tennessee picked up his 1968 GTS in 2013. He had to some minor resto work to put it back on the road. His GTS was restored in 1992 and then only moved for 2000 miles in 22 years! Frank's GTS was built on Thursday February 29, 1968. This GTS was built on Leap Year! Frank submitted his entry to the GTS Registry on February 29, 2016. More Leap Year madness!! Painted TT1 Medium Green, this GTS was very low optioned. The 340 is backed by a 4 speed and 3.23 SG gears. The interior is white with a green vinyl top. Originally this was a Stripe Delete car, but Frank added a white bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23H8B302***: GTS#358: Chuck from Wisconsin owns this 16,700 original mile 383 GTS. It is painted JJ1 Medium Gold with a black and gold bucket seat console interior. No vinyl top, but it has a black bumble bee to contrast the gold. Built on Friday March 1, 1968, Chuck's 727 has had to be replaced twice in its short 16,000 mile current life. Other options include a 3.23 SG (now has a 3.55), tinted windshield, AM radio, front disc brakes, mouldings, and remote LH mirror.

  • LS23H8B307***: GTS#671: Jim T. from Louisiana pulled this former drag car out of a pasture. This is a 1968 GTS with a 383/727. It is red with a black bucket seat/console interior.

  • LS27H8B311***: GTS#71: This QQ1 Blue w/white interior, 383, 4sp, GTS convertible was bought by Tom from San Diego, from the original owner in 1992. This GTS still has the original window sticker, certicard, build sheet, original invoice, original owners manual, AND the original finance papers with it!! Built on March 12, 1969, it was sold new in VA the same month. Now this is cool. The original owner traded a 2 yr old 1966 Impala + $5.67 for it! Not bad you say? Well, he got 36 payments of $104.67 too. I guess they didn't think much of his Chevy? Also of note, the numbers matching motor is only 8 year's old, it was built Feb 29, 1968. (leap year) hehehe...

  • LS23H8B313***: GTS#636: Steve from Florida has gone thru a succession of A-body Darts since 1975 beginning with his 1969 340 Swinger at age 16. He has finally found his BEST Dart with his 1968 383/ 4 speed GTS! This GTS was originally sold at Grand-Spaulding Dodge in Chicago! It is painted BB1 black with a red interior and red bumble bee stripe. Steve's GTS has recently been rotisserie restored back to 1968 standards!

  • LS23P8B313***: GTS#17: 340 GTS owned by Jon from KY. Originally a 340 4 spd 3.23 geared GTS. White with red bumble bee and red/white interior. Factory A/C, bucket seat, no console 4 spd. Previous to Jon owning with a column shift automatic. Missing the motor and trans, and most of the it, the GTS had been mini-tubbed and fitted for a 440.

  • ,LS23H8B314***: GTS#144: A light metallic green GTS, this car came with big block parts, the owner says it will soon become a race car.

  • LS23H8B314***: GTS#669: Another barn find! They are still out there folks! Bill M. from Rhode Island has known of the location of thie 1968 GTS for over 30 years. He recently purchased the GTS from the son of the previous owner. This is a 383 4 speed GTS! It is painted BB1 Black with a black interior and looks to be a stripe delete car.

  • LS23P8B318***: GTS#550: Terry M from Ohio owns this fromer drag racing Champion 1968 340 GTS. This was the points leader from 1977-1981 at Pacemakers Dragway in Ohio. This is an original 340/727 GTS that was painted RR1 Burgundy with a black interior and black vinyl top. This is a stripe delete GTS. Even though there is a different 340/727 in the GTS, Terry still retains the original drivetrain.

  • LS23H8B320***: GTS#385: Originally painted GG1 Dark Green Metallic, Mike A.'s 1968 383 GTS is now painted a sinister black yet retains the original S6F Green bucket seat interior. Located in California, Mike's GTS used to see regular track time with a 440 under the hood. The original 383 is now back under the hood mated to the 727 and 3.91 gears but the car has fenderwell headers, mini tubs and relocated rear leaf springs. A S/S Hemi scoop opens the 383 to some fresh air. Original options included console, buckets, fender top signals, remote LH mirror, Am radio, tinted windshield, all three chrome mouldings, black vinyl top, and white horizontal stripe. Mike is the 4th owner and the car has been sitting since 1989. Mike plans on one day doing a full resto to the GTS, but is going to enjoy the car the way it is for now.

  • LS27P8B323***: GTS#419: Jason P. from Michigan is an auto appraiser who crunched the numbers on this GTS for a client moving to Florida. A few years alter, the client calls Jason to see if he wanted to buy the GTS. Jason flew to Florida and drove the GTS back to Michigan in 2005 pulling 17-21 MPG for the trip! This is a JJ1 Gold GTS with a black soft top and black stripe. The number matching 340/727 powered GTS received a rotisserie resto in the mid-1990's.

  • LS27P8B323***: GTS#509: Art from Winnipeg, Manitoba has been the happy owner of this One-of-44 1968 340 4 speed GTS since 1984. Art's GTS is even more rare than the one-of-44 indicates as Art's is a BENCH SEAT 4 speed GTS!! Painted GG1 Racing Green Metallic with a white interior and white bumble bee stripe. The soft top, however, is black. The drivetrain includes the 340, 4 speed, and a 3.23 open gear. Built on Friday, March 22, 1968 other options on Art's GTS included fendertop signals, 3 speed wipers, LH remote mirror, rocker and wheel well mouldings, and redline tires.

  • LS27P8B324***: GTS#479: Darrell from Atlanta, GA has pursued a Dart because he had fond memories of his old 1969 340 Swinger. He found this 340 GTS convertible in SC and Darrell reports that it took FIVE parts cars to provide the pieces to restore his one-of-44 340 4 speed soft top. Originally GG1 Dark Green, the GTS now wears a coat of Hemi Orange. The soft top and bucket seat console interior are both black and it came with a black bumble bee- but Darrell has chosen to go stripe delete! This GTS came from Michigan somewhere in its past as it had a lot of Michigan drag stip decals. Darrell has modified this convertible with a 6 pack intake, TTi headers and stainless pipes, updated A/C, big bolt pattern on all four corners and the GTS now rides on Magnum 500 rims. Taking 5 years to do the resto, Darrell hopes to debut his GTS at the 2010 Don Garlits show.

  • ##LS23P8B324***: GTS#148: Built on the same day as Jeremy's below, this PP1 red 340 GTS is owned by Ray from NY. This is the opposite color scheme as Ray's white GTS-check #177 above in the Registry. This one has a white bumble bee with the S6R red interior. This 3.91 geared 4 speed also has the following options: woodgrain wheel, shoulder mount seatbelts, deluxe wheel covers, console, bumperettes, and fender top signals!

  • LS23P8B324***: GTS#555: Terry R. in North Carolina owns this show winning 1968 340 GTS. Bought in 2012 as a modified GTS, Terry has gone the next couple of steps beyond to further enhance the performance of his A-body. The Viper Red paint (Best Paint winner 2010 Mopar Thunder at Bristol) took care of the cosmetics. The interior is black with no console to shield the 4 speed stick. Terry has added a 4 bar rear suspension by US Car Tool where they also reinforced the work of the previous owner as this GTS was tubbed with a shortened 8 3/4 housing a 4.10 spool. Terry has just ordered a Tremac TKO trans and will be installing soon. A Classic Air A/C unit will be coming before summer 2014 to help Terry and his young bride fight off the heat of the North Carolina summers!

  • LS23H8B326***: GTS #710: Joe A. from Ohio owns this well optioned 1968 GTS. This matching number 383 powered GTS has a 727 auto and a 3.23 SG rear end. Painted GG1 Dark Green with black bucket seat interior and black vinyl top. There is a white bumble bee stripe to contrast all the dark colors. Options include the 383/727, console tachometer, all 3 moldings, fender top signals, bumperettes, remote LH mirror and a RH mirror, 3 speed wipers and the full "mag style" wheel covers.

  • LS23H8B324***: GTS#5: Built on March 22, 1968, this 383 GTS 4 speed is owned by Jeremy from IL. It is AA1 Silver w/ red interior, and red bumble bee! Jeremy was Born -N- Raised MOPAR!!

  • LS27P8B328***: GTS#541: Frank from CT. is working on his former daily driver:a one-of-271 1968 340 GTS convertible with a 727 trans. Frank is converting his GTS to a 4 speed. Originally, this soft top GTS was painted GG1 Dark Racing Green with a green top, white bumble bee stripe, and black bucket seat interior. Another rarity is that this was also a COLUMN SHIFT car with the aforementioned bucket seats. Other options included power disc brakes and power sterring and fender tops turn signals.

  • LS23H8B326***: GTS #710: Joe A. from Ohio owns this well optioned 1968 GTS. This matching number 383 powered GTS has a 727 auto and a 3.23 SG rear end. Painted GG1 Dark Green with black bucket seat interior and black vinyl top. There is a white bumble bee stripe to contrast all the dark colors. Options include the 383/727, console tachometer, all 3 moldings, fender top signals, bumperettes, remote LH mirror and a RH mirror, 3 speed wipers and the full "mag style" wheel covers.

  • LS23H8B329***: GTS#280: Raphael from Chicago, IL owns this 383 GTS that is now converted to 440 power!! A 4 speed 833 4 speed with an 11" clutch twists back to a Dana60 rear end. Raphael has owned the car for 20 years. When he converted over to the 440, his close proximity to the old Grand-Spaulding Dodge helped him locating a proper 440 with the A-body engine mount bosses!! Must be lot of those bouncing around the Chicago area!! This former triple green machine has been lightened up some by switching to a white interior, white vinyl top, and white bumble bee stripe!!

  • LS23P8B329***: GTS#394: Paul S. from Massachusetts is restoring his 1968 340 GTS, but with a twist. Built on 3-27-68, Paul's GTS left Hamtramck Assembly painted TT1 Medium Green with a black top, black interior and white bumble bee stripe. This is a factory A/C equipped GTS. Paul has had the car painted 2006 Viper Red with a black bumble bee and has added Magnum 500 rims, a tachometer for the 727 shifted console, and tinted glass. Paul has all the documentation of the car and is officially the third owner even though the second owner had the GTS for only a short time.

  • LS23H8B329***: GTS#534: Greg G. from Virginia is on the road to performing a full restoration on his 1968 383 GTS. Built on Wednesday, March 27, 1968, Greg's GTS last saw any road-duty in 1980. It was last titled in 1978. Thankfully, a lot of NOS parts came with the GTS to help Greg along the way. His GTS was equipped with the 383, a 4 gear trans, and a 3.23 SG rear axle. It was painted FF1 Light Green when it left Hamtramck, MI along with a green interior. Greg is nearing the end of the restoration of GTS #534 as his GTS now sports a brand new coat of FF1 Light Green! Greg ran into problems with his restoration shop of choice and after getting another shop the GTS is nearing completion! As of September 2017, the GTS is complete! The finished GTS is stunning and the matching green interior looks sharp as well!

  • LS23P8B329***: GTS#524: Peggy C. from Ohio is restoring this 1968 340 GTS that was owned by her late son. The GTS has been garaged for at least the past 25 years, and with the help of Don H. they hope to return the GTS to its former glory. This is a BB1 Black GTS with black bucket seat interior and a red V8R bumble bee stripe. The 340 is backed by a 727 and 3.91 gears.

  • LS23P8B329***: GTS#690: Chris from Los Angeles has a 1968 340 GTS that had been heavily modified for racing in the 1970's. This original RR1 Burgundy GTS had a black vinyl top, black bumble bee stripe and a black bucket seat interior. The original 340 was backed with a 4 speed. A 440 had been jammed into the engine bay and a Dana 60 replaced the 8 3/4 in the tubbed and wheel arched back end. A roll cage and fenderwell header cutouts were part of the racing package.

  • LS23H8B333***: GTS#223: Scott W. from PA picked up this 1968 GTS off an internet auction site via Ohio. Ironically, this car started its life in Pittsburgh, PA! It's back home in PA now! This maroon "H" code has numerous repaints over it's ORIGINAL PP1 Red paint job and black bucket seat interior. Under ths hood resides a 1969 casting 383. Built on March 29, 1968. Scott will be doing a full resto on this one! UPDATE!! Scott has notified me with some very interesting, yet bad, news. After noticing the dash VIN and the body stampings did not match, Scott looked around for all the other VIN stampings on the car. He found that the rad support and trunk rail VIN stampings matched the 383 and the transmission. Scott discovered that "his" GTS had been stolen in 1987. Scott found the original owner ahd told him of the GTS. Sad to report, the original owner had the poilce remove the GTS from Scott by force. There is now a pending law suit over the true ownership of this GTS. The GTS Registry wishes Scott the best because he tried to do the right thing.

  • LS23P8B337***: GTS#484: ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## Now owned (10/28/2015) by Marshall L. from Nova Scotia. This is the original listing followed by Marshall's updated info:original listing--Dave M. from New Brunswick, Canada is the third owner of this 1968 GTS. Dave bought this GTS from the second owner in December 2010. The 2nd owner bought the GTS back in 1975. The GTS is all original and painted in 1976 Mopar Sherwood Green (which is close enough to the original GG1 Dark Green Metallic). The dark green paint is complemented by a light green bucket seat interior, and contrasted with a white bumble bee stripe. Other equipment on this one-of-1281 GTS is a four speed behind the all original 340 and 3.55 SG gears. There is a factory tachometer mounted atop the console, PB, PS, tinted glass, rear defogger, rear speaker, wheel well and rocker mouldings, RH mirror, fender top signals, and bumperettes. A nice looking and nicely optioned GTS! Marshall now adds: Marshall reunited the original owners with the GTS after he had it painted the proper GG1 Dark Racing Green. Needless to say, they were rather excited about seeing their old GTS once again. Thanks to info from the original owners, the 340 and 4 speed in Marshall's GTS is the original drivetrain that came with the GTS in 1968. After a complete restoration by Marshall, the engine bay was also cleaned up and detailed.

  • LS23H8B337***: GTS#250: Joe from just outside of Dayton, Ohio sent us this 1968 GTS. It's a factory 383 car with a 727 automatic trans and a 3.91 Sure Grip rearend. GG1 Racing Green with a white bumble stripe and a green vinyl top and it's also equipped with a green bucket seat interior with console. Being a fairly late built car it doesn't have the nose ornament on the grill. Joe has owned the car since 1996 and just completed its restoration returning it "back to as factory correct as possible" which meant replacing the inner fenders due to someone having installed fender well headers at some point in the past.

  • LS23P8B340***: GTS#678: Allan M. from Manitoba also owns GTS #675 besides GTS#678! He has owned GTS #678 since 1989. Originally a 340 car, it had a 383 when Allan bought it. He swapped in a 440 and went drag racing with it! This GTS has now be returned to street duty, but it is still sporting the 440 under the hood. The 440 is backed with a 727 trans and a set of 4.56 gears. Originally FF1 Light Green Metallic, Allan's GTS is now painted red while retaining the original black bucket seat seat interior, black vinyl top, and black bumble bee.

  • LS23H8B341***: GTS#222: Carl from AZ has heard claims that his 383 GTS has spent some time near the Artic Circle in Canada!?!? Possibly belonging to a US Serviceman??? We hope to find out more about this EE1 Dark Blue Metallic 383/727 Torqueflite GTS! This is a stripe delete car was built on April 8, 1968. One of the options are the headrests on the black bucket seats. ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE## GTS #222 is now residing in California under the care of Larry and Lee. They retain ALL the documetation involving this 383 GTS including the Certi-Card and broadcast sheet. ##OWNERSHIP UPDATE Pt. II## GTS#222 is becoming a well-traveled GTS!! Scott S. has purchased the car from Larry/Lee and moved it back home with Scott to Victoria, B.C. Canada!!

  • LS23H8B343***: GTS#146: GG1 Racing Green Metallic w/ White PAINTED top. A Canadian ordered 383 4 spd matching numbers GTS. Owned by Steve from Canada. UPDATE!...UPDATE! Steve has finished his 383 GTS and sends us pictures! He "kind of" changed the the engine from the original 383 to THIS! Look close at the call-out numbers under the GTS!!! This thing looks factory installed! A GREAT effort by Stephen!!! Here's a close-up of the new engine!

  • ##LS23H8B344***: GTS#255: Jerry G. picked up this very rough 1968 GTS as a parts car for his son's 1967 GT project!!! Jerry will be tackling this project now that he knows he has a 1 of 991 383 4 speed GTS! This is what Jerry is starting out with!! The GTS is missing the fender tag, broadcast sheet, interior, engine, trans, rear axle. However, Jerry reports that it does still retain an "EXPORT" fender tag!! Wish the history and paperwork was still in existence!! This car also was listed in the Alan Miller Registry!

  • LS23P8B346***: GTS#424: Lee D. has owned his 1968 GTS since 1979 when he bought it from a former school teacher. It is a 340/727 Light Blue GTS with white bucket seat interior and white bumble bee stripe. Options include headrests and power brakes. Built 118 cars before GTS#199 listed below.

  • LS27P8B346***: GTS#533: Coming fresh off a full restoration, Scott G.'s 1968 GTS convertible is headed to the Hilton Head Concours!! This one-of-44 GTS is powered by the 340/4 speed combo. Painted RR1 Burgandy, it is contrasted with a white soft top, white bumble bee, and Pearl White bucket seat interior. Built in April, 1968, other options include LH remote mirror, 3 speed wipers, power steering and manual disc brakes.

  • LS27P8B346***: GTS#199: Produced on April 12, 1968, this GTS convertible was purchased by Barry B. in Ontario, Canada in 1983. Barry has performed a ground-up restoration on this PP1 Red rag top. Keeping to original specs, Barry maintained the black top, interior, and bumble bee. The 340 has a console shifted 727 trans and 3.91 gears replacing the old set of 3.23 gears in the SureGrip 8 3/4. This red GTS also sports the simulated "mag style" wheel covers and has the metal grill center piece. This is the latest production date we have with the grill center piece. Most seems to end with the November 1967 dates. Barry's GTS is one of 271 produced, and according to a letter that Barry has from Galen Govier, this is 1 of 55 EXPORT convertibles!!! Either way, it is a rare car!

  • LS23H8B352***: GTS#464: Nevin from Detroit, MI knows the family history on his 1968 383 GTS. His Dad bought the GTS in 1972 and modified and raced the car thru 1982 and then parked it in the garage. Nevin got the keys in 2006. He has installed a roll cage, put the original interior back in, and painted the color his Dad always wanted it-1968 PP1 Red. The big news is under the S/S hood-500cid cross ram Hemi. Nevin has driven his Dad's GTS to a best of 10.47 @ 128.88 mph.

  • LS27H8B352***: GTS#670: This One-of-40 built 1968 383/727 GTS convertible is owned by Bill C. Scheduled to be built on Saturday April 14, 1968, Bill's GTS rolled off the line painted TT1 Medium green. The soft top, interior and stripe are all white. Bill has had his GTS restored to top show standards.

  • LS23H8B354***: GTS#367: David P. from Wisconsin found his GTS 5 year ago in a CORN CRIB! This 383 GTS is a former drag racer with only 52,000 miles on the clock (how many only a 1/4 mile at a time??). This a a 383 4 speed car that was painted EE1 Dark Blue with a blue bucket seat/console interior and black vinyl top.

  • LS23H8B354***: GTS#248: Mike from the twin cities area of Minnesota sent us the info on this 383 4sp GTS. It's a DD1 Pale Blue metallic stripe delete car with a fairly rare for a GTS: 4sp black bench seat interior. A 3.23 sure grip puts the power to the ground on this hot rod!

  • LS23P8B354***: GTS#16: Built on 4-26-68, this 340 GTS is owned by Brian. AM radio, Sure Grip, remote mirror and fender turn signals rounded out this '68.

  • LS23H8B358***: GTS#373: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE##: GTS#373 is owned by Mike S from Missouri and was bought in September 2015. Mike added a white bumble bee and personalized the interior. Here is the original listing: M.H. from Ohio has a 1968 383 GTS built on Tuesday April 24, 1968. He is technically the third owner of the car. The GTS originated in Pennsylvania. The second owner bought the car in 1998, tore it apart immediately, and then it just ~sat~. M.H. picked up the rolling chassis and all the boxes in 2007 and has started the restoration. The original 383 and 727 automatic still form the drivetrain. The GTS is PP1 Red with a black vinyl top but is stripe delete. The interior is white bucket seats with a console. Options for this GTS included power steering, power drum brakes, righthand mirror, front and rear bumperettes, tinted glass all around, wheel lip mouldings, fender top turn signals, deluxe wheel covers and the under hood insulation pad.

  • LS23H8B358***: GTS#136: Dave from OH just purchased this BB1 Black on black with white bumblybee 383 GTS. It is currently a "roller" in need of a total restoration. This is a automatic console shift car with the matching number 383.

  • LS27P8B359***: GTS#616: It took Russ B. 15 months to convince the original owner of this One-of-271 built 1968 GTS convertible to sell the car to Russ in 1991. After a 9 month restoration, The GTS has been to many car shows up and down the East Coast. Russ moved to CT in 1999 and the GTS only comes out when the weather co-operates. Painted QQ1 Bright Blue, this GTS was built on Tuesday April 24, 1968. It has a 340, 727, and 3.23 gears. The QQ1 is complimented with a blue interior, white convertible top, and white bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23H8B359***: GTS#442: Marcellus has restored his 1968 383 GTS twice. The first time was in the late 1980's after he purchased the car from a fellow in Alabama. This is a 383 with the 727 and a SG 3.23 gear. The car is QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic with black bucket seat console interior and a white bumble bee stripe. After completion the first time, Marcellus had won a number of car show trophies with his GTS (we're not surprised!). He had to restore the GTS a second time due to his living in southern Louisiana and Hurricane Katrina paid a visit and flooded out his car in 2005. By 2007 all the pieces were back together and Marcellus is once again enjoying his Dodge musclecar.

  • LS27H8B359***: GTS#605: This is a One-of 40 built 1968 GTS 383 4 speed convertible! Russell from PA is the happy third owner of this rare GTS. He bought the GTS in 1977 in the metro Detroit, MI area from the second owner who was looking for a car with better MPG! The GTS is in original condition. Built on Wednesday April 25, 1968. This soft top is painted TT1 Medium Green with matching green top and green interior. Originally came with 3.23 gears it now has a much better performing 3.91 SG unit. Other options included tinted glass, LH remote mirror, power steering and head rests.

  • LS23H8B364***: GTS#9: Original 383 GTS 4 spd owned by Tom from OR. The 383 has been replaced by an apparent "Warrenty Block" 440 with a 9/68 casting date!!!

  • LS27H8B364***: GTS#433: One of 40. That is how many 1968 383 4-gear convertible GTSs were built. Mike from Georgia is one of the fortunate few to own this rare piece of GTS history. Coming from MN, this GTS received a full restoration with TONS of NOS parts that Mike had collected over the years. Painted GG1 Dark Racing Green with a eye popping white bucket-no console- interior. Mike found that this orginal stripe delete car had a dealer added stripe applied, so he had the stripe added during the resto as well.

  • LS23H8B365***: GTS#530: Sharp looking 383 GTS owned by Gene in Washington State. Gene just picked up this PP1 Red GTS from Kentucky. Built on Tuesday May 1, 1968, the 383 is backed with a console shifted 727 trans and a 3.23 SureGrip. The black bumble bee stripe matches the black interior and gives a nice contrast to all of that shiny red!

  • LS23P8B365***: GTS#685: Lee M. owns this 1968 GTS. As the fender tag is missing, it is difficult to determine the origins of Lee's GTS. Lee thinks it was painted UU1 Light Blue from the factory, but it is wearing a coat of blue closer to EE1 Dark Blue. The interior is light blue and it wears a black vinyl top. Lee also believes it had a white longitudal stripe, but it is "stripe delete" for right now. The 340 is backed up with a 727 and 3.23 gears.

  • ##LS23H8B371***: GTS#290: Sam from Ohio is the second owner of this 1968 383 GTS. He purchased it 18 years ago from the estate sale of the original owner. The car was built on 5-6-1968 and bought at Carl Blair Motors in Fairbron, OH. 94,000 original miles on the 383 and 727 Torqueflite-both original to the car. Sam's GTS is yellow with black interior. Also listed in the Alan Miller Registry! Sam comes from a Mopar family!! His dad owns a 1968 and a 1971 Satellite!!

  • LS23P8B371***: GTS#343: Eric W. from IL has a FF1 Light Green Metallic 340/727 GTS. This FF1 GTS also has a white bucket seat interior. Eric has owned this car since 1993 and has it safely tucked away awaiting restoration.

  • LS23P8B371***: GTS#58: Owned by Karen B from VA, this 1968 GTS has a family pedigree. It was originally purchased by Karen's father, Arthur S., from Herb Gordon Dodge in Fairfax, VA as a high school senior! Purchased on 5-31-68, this is one of the last 1968 GTS's to roll off the line before the introduction of the 1969 models. This is PP1 Red with a white longitudal stripe and white interior. Dad changed over the original 3.23 to a 3.91 SureGrip in the early 70's. Matching number 340, but it has been warmed over with a Isky cam, headers, Edelbrock manifold and a 800 Holley. Other features are the non-console floor mount 4 speed shifter, fender top signals, wood grain wheel, 3 speed wipers, body color wheels w/ dog dishes, AM radio, and undercoating.

  • LS23P8B371***: GTS#170: Archie W. from central Wisconsin is a long time owner of this 340 4 speed GTS. This GTS came with GG1 Dark Green with a white bumble bee stripe. He is the third owner, and he bought the car on July 30, 1971! 3 year's old, and already three owners! Archie believes the original owner was from Southhaven, MS as he found credit card receipts and drive-in movie ticket stubs from Memphis, TN. Archie used the car for some drag racing duties in the early 70's. Family obligations took over and the GTS was put in storage. Originally looking for a father/son project, Archie's GTS has become a Grandfather/Grandson project instead. The body has been stripped and is now in the hands of a restoration shop. The OE 340 is long gone, but it has been replaced with a date correct 340 now stroked to 416.

  • LS23P8B373***: GTS#326: Almost 100,000 original miles have passed under the tires of Craig's Pennsylvania 1968 340 GTS. QQ1 blue with a white stripe and black interior. The original Hurst shifter pokes thru the console between the black bucket seats of this all original GTS.

  • LS23H8B373***: **OWNERSHIP UPDATE** GTS#4: EE1 Dark Blue, White vinyl top and white interior. Hot 383 in this one, 4 speed and factory tach! Owned by Donnie in North Carolina. Donnie has been a law enforcement officer for 21 years. Donnie has since sold this 383 GTS to Stephen F. in Maryland. Stephen has updated the GTS with a set of Crager S/S rims.

  • LS23H8B376***: GTS#453: Bob from Indiana has saved this 1968 383 GTS from being converted over to a race car. The Mopar Grapevine led Bob to this GTS parked behind a house. This is an original 383 4 speed car that was painted KK1 Turquoise with a black bucket seat/console interior. Bob is still investigating the origins and options on his GTS before he starts the ground-up restoration.

  • LS23H8B376***: GTS#267: Steve picked up this 1968 383 GTS that is in need of a total restoration. The car has a 1968 383 HP out of a Charger, but it still retains the original 4 speed. Even though it now has a set of 4.56 gears in the 8 3/4 housing, this is an original 3.55 SureGrip backend. Coming off the assembly line on Thursday May 5, 1968, this GTS was painted EE1-Dark Blue Metallic. A light blue bucket seat interior had the console wrapped around the 4 speed shifter. No options on this one to speak of. E70-14 white wall tires, front and rear deluxe lap belts, and a white bumble bee were all that was stamped on the data tag.

  • LS23H8B377***: GTS#473: Chad from PA has been hiding his GTS since 2001 when he bought it. The GTS has been in a garage since 1978! This 383 4 speed GTS is painted GG1 Dark Racing Green and has a black vinyl top and stripe and green interior.

  • LS27P8B386***: GTS#298: Roger M. lives in Indiana, but his 1968 340 convertible GTS is in Pennsylvania. The original owner lives in Washington state!! Quite the geography lesson with this one!! Roger is returning the 340 GTS back to its original condition. QQ1 Bright Blue Metallic, with a white convertible top, white bumble bee, and blue/white interior! The GTS has a column shift 727 but with bucket seats. The little old lady who owned it before had the stripe painted over and chrome rub strips run down the sides!! Thankfully, Roger is correcting that!!

  • LS27P8B387***: GTS#408: Larry from Indiana is the third owner of this 70,000 original mile convertible GTS. Originally GG1 Dark Green with a black soft top, the 340 GTS is now painted SubLime with the black top and black bumble bee. Options on Larry's 340 GTS include 727/PS/PB w/front discs/remote driver mirror. Even though the car has only 70K miles on it, the original owner blew up the original 340 back in the 1970's while racing the GTS.

  • LS23H8B394***: GTS#206: This 383 GTS is coming a lo-o-o-ong way from its days of sitting in a field! Brad C. from MO traded a steel crankshaft and $200 for this GTS back in 1992. From "field fresh" to rotisserie resto! This GTS is a 383 with 727 Torqueflite, 3.55 geared GTS. Painted red with black vinyl top and black bumble bee stripe. The interior is white. Brad intends on making this a F.A.S.T. eligible racer. That means a stroker and some intense internal engine mods all looking like a perfect, restored GTS. Except it will run 11's in the 1/4 mile!!!!

  • LS23P8B404***: GTS#383: Darryl sends in his "barn burner" of a story about his 1968 GTS! Darryl had purchased his GTS from a previous owner who was in the process of getting the car ready for the bodyshop. The drivetrain was i the garage and the shell was parked outside. The garage caught fire! The body was pulled to safety, but the garage burned to the ground. They promptly bulldozed the drivetrain flat under the rubble!! Darryl had accumalated the parts needed but had to sell the car due to selling his house and losing storage. James T. now owns this QQ1 bright Blue 340/4 speed GTS. This GTS also has a black bucket seat w/ console interior and white bumble bee stripe. Options include Am radio, tinted windshield, 3.23 SG, drip, wheel, belt moouldings and the car was built on June 4, 1968.

  • LS23H8B404***: GTS#266: Jim T. from Illinois owns this 36,000 orignal mile 383 GTS. It sounds like most of the 36,000 miles were picked up the hard way-on the drag strip!!! GG1 green with a black interior, 4 speed, tinted glass, head rests ( this is a '68! ) and woodgrain wheel were the original options. Now, the race modifications include the usual: fender well headers, radiused rear wheel well lips, and a long gone original 383!! Jim is a persistant type. He bugged the former owner for FOUR YEARS to buy the GTS from him!!

  • LS23H8B404***: GTS#128: Shawn, the owner, had just rebuilt the numbers matching engine when Uncle Sam sent him to Iraq with the Army National Guard (which we thank him for serving his country and are thankful that he made it home). One of the first things Shawn did when he got home was to install the motor and get the car running. He is now going though the brakes to get it road worthy. AA1 Silver with a black interior and a 4speed make this GTS nice in anyone's book.

  • LS27H8B404***: GTS#132: ##OWNERSHIP CHANGE## GTS#132 is now back in the hands of a previous owner Gary K. The GTS is back to GG1 Dark Green, methanol injection, roll cage, 4 wheel disc brakes. Nice to see it is still in the family!! The original listing is as follows: This 383 convertible has been in Frank's family since 1971. Frank's brother purchased this GTS from a used car lot at Fairway Dodge on 3-24-71 for $1995! The car was thrashed until 1974 when the plan was to make it strictly a racer. After building the engine and having it painted purple with green flames (!) the brother lost interest in the project. Frank stepped up and bought the GTS where it has sat in his garage for a number of years. Much to Frank's wife's dismay, he is staring to bring the GTS back to life. It will be brought back to its GG1 Racing Green with black top and white stripe former self. This is a 4 speed console, no p/s or p/b car.

  • LS27P8B404***: GTS#629: Bought for only $250 in 1978 by Robert G for this One-of-44 GTS 340 4 speed convertible!! Located in Pennsylvania, this is a no/low option GTS but it has a very rare BENCH SEAT 4 speed combo. This GTS will be completely restored by Robert.

  • LS27P8B404***: GTS#466: Joe from Texas "met" this GTS back in 1974 and chased it for 17 years. He finally bought his GTS 19 years ago and is starting the restoration of his ONE-of-40 1968 GTS 340 4 speed convertible! Built on June 4, 1969, Joe's GTS came painted TT1 Medium Green Metallic with a green bucket seat interior and green soft top. Not many options adorned this rare GTS. LH remote mirror, RH mirror, AM radio, rocker and wheel lip mouldings, a 3.23 SG and red line tires. This all-green machine also wore a black bumble bee stripe.

  • LS27H8B405***: GTS#212: All original, all the time!! Jim is the original owner of this 383 4 speed GTS. He ordered this QQ1 Bright Blue convertible when he returned from serving his country during the Vietnam War. He had picked the car out of a sales brochure that someone had brought over to SE Asia! Jim ordered the 383 with a 4 speed, buckets and console with #577 Console tach, woodgrain wheel, fendertop signals, and rubber bumperettes! This Q1 beauty has the P6B Light Blue interior and black convertible top and white bumble bee. Showing only 89,000 ORIGINAL miles, Jim has stored the GTS since 1977 and is looking forward to starting a full restoration!

  • LS23P8B414***: GTS#173: This GTS was found missing it's motor, something that didn't bother John N. from Oregon, just so happens he had a hot 340 looking for a place to "hang out", isn't fate a wonderful a thing! While it started life as a 4sp car one of the previous owners swaped it for an automatic and the car hasn't been on road since 11/93. John plans to "restify" the car in near future.

  • LS27P8B416***: GTS#180: A 340, auto, QQ1 blue convertible with a white top and interior, this GTS also has the white (codeW31) horizontal stripe. Owned by Jayson T. from Illinois, the GTS has completed its journey and is completely restored. Jayson has also added a grill center nose piece. Very nice looking finished project. Mission accomplished Jayson!!

  • LS27P8B427***: GTS#572: Another "barn find" GTS! Steve in MN found his one-of-44 1968 340/4 speed GTS convertible in 2012 where the GTS had been parked in a family barn since 1979. The GTS is mini-tubbed and has a roll cage installed along with a stroker 408 under the hood. The previous owner had built the GTS to be a 1/8th mile drag car in 1979 and only made a few passes with it. The owner got sick and parked the soft top in 1979. Sadly, he passed and the family had no interest in the GTS so Steve is the lucky guy! There is a 727 backing up the stroker and a 3.73 gear our back. The GTS is wearing over 90% of its factory paint in JJ1 Medium Gold. Steve took two years to get the GTS back on the road, and now he is finishing it up by replacing the interior and front suspension and brakes.

  • LS23H8B427***: GTS#655: Kirt B. owns this 1968 383 GTS. The 383 has a 4 speed and 3.23 gear drive train. Painted GG1 Dark Racing Green with a green interior and white bumble bee stripe. Factory options included white wall tires, power front disc brakes, 3 speed wipers, AM radio and tinted glass all the way around.

  • LS23H8B431***: GTS#455: Mark in Virginia owns this 1968 383 GTS built on June 25, 1968, that was purchased from the previous owner in Maryland. Originally a GG1 Dark Racing Green GTS, it still wears the original color but with a major modification under the hood. Mark still owns the number matching 383 and 727, but he now powers his GTS with a 440 aided by a 200hp shot of nitrous. Mark's GTS has run a best of 10.50 in the 1/4 mile.

  • LS23P8B433***: GTS#448: Mike S. owns this restored 1968 340 GTS with a 727 and 3.55 SureGrip gear. Mike's GTS is painted QQ1 Bright Blue with a blue bucket seat interior and black vinyl top. Options include a woodgrain steering wheel and AM/FM radio. A 3x2 intake system is mounted on top of the 340.

  • LS23H8B440***: GTS#74: Steve from IN owns this AA1 Silver 383 GTS. Outfitted with a 4 speed and 3.23 SureGrip, this GTS also had remote driver's side mirror, vinyl top, and fender top turn signals. This special order factory hand-buffed silver GTS is accented with the black bumble bee! Steve informs us that his GTS will be featured in a future issue of Mopar Muscle!

  • LS27P8B442***: GTS#301: Bill from Canada has owned his 1968 340 GTS convertible since the early 1970's. 340-4 speed and 3.91 SG powers the convertible. It has a custom diamond tufted black interior. The car originally was a LL1 Medium Dark Turquoise Metallic but is now painted black. Bill has undertaken a full restoration on his one-of-44 GTS! It is now back to its original LL1 color-which is only the second LL1 GTS registered!

  • LS23P8B442***: GTS#105: Owned by Tim M. From West Virginia, this is a UU1 Light Blue 340 GTS with a Torqueflite 727. Tim will be starting the restoration shortly, and informs us that the car is still within a 20 mile radius from the original owner!

  • LS23P8B443***: GTS#477: Pete K. owns this 1968 340 GTS. It is a 4 speed car with the original trans and 8 3/4. Pete has set his GTS up for touring with a front end rebuild featuring beefier torsion bars and poly bushings. The back end also has a larger anti-roll bar with along with gas shocks on all four corners. The 340 has been upgraded as well with headers, Pypes exhaust system, cam, Edelbrock intake and Holley carb. Pete's GTS is painted BB1 Black with a black top and red bumble bee stripe.

  • LS23P8B447***: GTS#672: Brad C. from Missouri owns this rough but ready to restore 1968 GTS. This is a 340/727 car with a odd 2.94 gear. Guess the first owner was planning on doing a lot of highway miles with this combo?? It is painted FF1 Light Green Metallic with a black interior. Fender top turn signals, hood insulation kit, and deluxe wheel covers were some of the options. Brad also owns GTS #206.

  • LS23P8B450***: GTS#561: Bruce from Utah may be the second owner of his 1968 GTS. He bought the A-body in 1970 (when he was 15) and used it for ski weekends in the winter, and towing his boat during the summer months (with street racing during ALL seasons!). The GTS was parked in 1980 and then moved to its new garage in 1996. Bruce started his resto and completed his GTS in 2009. This SS1 Yellow GTS has all of its original equipment from the 340/727 and 3.23 gear. Every time Bruce gets into the GTS it brings back fond memories and he always sees his 16- year-old-self staring back at him in the rear view mirror!

  • LS23H8B450***: GTS#704: Dale W. owns this numbers matching 1968 GTS. Originally from Canada this GTS had a scheduled production date of July 5, 1968 as this was just before the model year change over to 1969! Dale's GTS is restored back to OE condition and it sounds like this GTS was ordered to run as it is a Radio Delete car and no console for further weight savings! This is a 383/ 4speed car that is painted QQ1 Bright Blue.

  • LS23H8B455***: GTS#668: Ed V. is hiding a gem of a GTS in his North Carolina garage! He bought his 1968 GTS in 1984, had it painted in 1986, and then packed it away! Ed is restarting his project and we can't wait to see it completed! This is the 2nd from last 1968 GTS built registered in the GTS Registry!! This GTS is packing a 383 and 727 trans and a 3.23 gear. Painted TT1 Medium Green it also had a green vinyl top that Ed choose not to replace. The bucket seat interior is white, and this is a stripe delete car that Ed may add a white bumble bee to compliment the white interior. Options are power sterring and power brakes.

  • LS23H8B455***: GTS#439: This is the Latest 1968 GTS Built on the GTS Registry's List! According to Todd H, this is also the latest built 1968 GTS in the files of Galen Govier. The build date is July 9, 1968. This ~MAY~ be the last 1968 GTS that rolled off the line for the '68 model year!! Todd Hoffman from Hoffmans Winners' Circle is a friend of Mopar and I bet most of us have his parts on our GTSs (I have some on my 1969 GTS). Todd's 383 GTS is backed by a 4 speed and 3.23 gears. Orginally painted GG1 Racing Green Metallic, this GTS also has a Antique Green vinyl top, pearl white interior and white bumble bee. Located in Oregon, Todd's GTS is undergoing a full restoration. Factory options included: power steering, full horn ring, and 3 speed wipers. This is the second of two GTSs that Todd owns-he also owns GTS#438.


    Color Breakdown for the 1968 GTS model year currently listed in the GTS Registry!

    Here are the colors for the 1968 model year, their code name, and the number of registered GTSs that came originally painted with these colors! Nothing scientific, just for curiosity sake! The number of cars shown in the color breakdown chart do not reflect the actual number of cars listed in the 1968 GTS Registry. This is due to incomplete owner info. Please, when submitting your car's info, please-please answer all the questions in the questionaire!!

  • AA1 Silver: 7
  • BB1 Black: 10
  • CC1 Med. Blue: 1
  • DD1 Pale Blue: 2
  • EE1 Dark Blue: 8
  • FF1 Light Green: 22
  • GG1 Racing Green: 43
  • HH1 Light Gold: 2
  • JJ1 Med. Gold: 17
  • KK1 Medium Turquoise: 1
  • LL1 Med. Dark Turquoise: 3
  • MM1 Bronze: 6
  • PP1 Red: 34
  • QQ1 Bright Blue: 37
  • RR1 Burgundy: 8
  • SS1 Yellow: 35
  • TT1 Medium Green: 13
  • UU1 Light Blue: 7
  • WW1 White: 11
  • XX1 Beige: 0
  • YY1 Medium Tan: 1
    Spring Colors:
  • 331 Bright Red: 0
  • 661 Dark Green: 0

    click here for the full size 1968 color chart


    Registered with the Alan Miller 1968 GTS Registry, but now M.I.A.....This will list the full VIN and the state/country the GTS was last registered in, and any other pertinent info.

  • LS23H8B1033**: Automatic trans
  • LS27P8B1062**: TX Convertible auto trans
  • LS27P8B1117**: CA Convertible
  • LS27P8B1121**: NY Convertible 4 spd. A/C Build date 8-28-67
  • LS23P8B1123**: NY
  • LS23P8B1194**:
  • LS23P8B1201**: CT Auto trans Build date 9-5-67
  • LS23P8B1246**: ##Listed above##
  • LS23P8B1286**: FL Auto trans gold/gold
  • LS27P8B1317**: CA 4 spd.
  • LS23P8B1330**: NY Auto trans Build date 9-14-67
  • LS23P8B1376**: MD 4spd. Parted out car
  • LS27P8B1450**: OH Convertible auto trans Build date 9-26-67
  • LS23P8B1446**: MI Auto trans
  • LS23P8B1499**: CA Auto trans gold/gold Build date 9-26-67
  • LS23H8B1490**:
  • LS23H8B1522**: Auto trans
  • LS27H8B1655**: Convertible auto trans GTS #22 listed above.
  • LS23H8B1698**: 4 spd. Build date 10-13-67
  • LS27P8B1836**: WA Convertible 4 spd.
  • LS23P8B1814**: ND Auto trans, no engine Build date 10-25-67
  • LS23P8B1872**:
  • LS23H8B2020**: 4 spd.
  • LS23H8B2059**: 4 spd. Field car
  • LS23H8B2068**: 4 spd.
  • LS23H8B2131**: ##Listed above##
  • LS23P8B2136**: IN Auto trans Build date 11-27-67
  • LS27P8B2169**: Quebec, Canada convertible Auto trans gold/black top/int.
  • LS23H8B2197**:
  • LS23H8B2288**: Auto trans Build date 12-11-67
  • LS23H8B2289**: Auto trans Build date 12-11-67
  • LS23P8B2346**: CT 4 spd.
  • LS23H8B2357**: Build date 12-20-67
  • LS23H8B2411**: ##Listed above-GTS#331## Auto trans Build date 12-26-67
  • LS23P8B2430**: TX Auto trans Build date 12-28-67
  • LS23H8B2482**: 4 spd.
  • LS23H8B2497**: 4 spd.
  • LS23H8B2524**: ##Listed above-GTS#291## 4 spd. Build date 1-8-68
  • LS23H8B2528**:
  • LS27P8B2535**: MD Convertible Auto trans
  • LS23H8B2538**: Drag race only
  • LS23H8B2577**: 4 spd. blk/blk stripe delete 3.91 gear
  • LS23H8B2578**: 4 spd. Green
  • LS23P8B2603**: CT Auto trans Build date 1-16-68
  • LS23P8B2603**: New Brunswick, Cananda. Auto trans Build date 1-16-68
  • LS23H8B2673**:
  • LS23H8B2721**: 4 spd. FF1 Lgt Green Build date 1-26-68
  • LS23H8B2770**: 4 spd. Build date 2-2-68
  • LS23H8B2798**: Cut up to drag race only
  • LS23H8B2903**: ##Listed above-GTS#338##-GG1 4 spd. Scott from MI.
  • LS23H8B2956**: 4 spd. Build date 2-22-68
  • LS23P8B299***: Update 2-8-2004. The first GTS from Alans old registry that was missing has been sent to us, listed above.
  • LS23H8B3042**: 4 spd. Build date 3-4-68 Original owner car
  • LS27H8B3117**: Convertible 4 spd. Build date 3-12-68
  • LS23H8B3165**: Auto trans Build date 3-25-68
  • LS23P8B3244**: ##Listed above##
  • LS23P8B3377**: 4 spd.
  • LS23H8B3445**: ##Listed above##
  • LS27P8B3462**: Ontario, Canada convertible auto trans red/black top/int.
  • LS23P8B3520**: Canada, auto trans Original Owner
  • LS27P8B3592**: FL A/C second owner
  • LS27H8B3598**: 4 spd. head rests, P/S Build date 4-25-68
  • LS23H8B3599**: Auto trans Build date 4-25-68
  • LS23P8B3631**: ID 4 spd. B5 Bright Blue, blue interior, headrests
  • LS23H8B3711**: ##Auto trans, P/S Build date 5-6-68##Listed above GTS#290
  • LS23H8B3765**: 4 spd. Build date 5-9-68
  • LS23P8B4042**: NY 4 spd. Build date 6-4-68
  • LS23P8B4136**: OH 4 spd.
  • LS23P8B4231**:
  • LS23H8B4277**: 4 spd. Build date 6-24-68 Original owner
  • LS23P8B4477**: PA 4 spd. Build date 7-3-68
    LosAngeles Built:
  • LS23P8E1018**: CA Auto trans Build date 8-18-67
  • LS23P8E1027**: CA Auto trans red/black int. Build date 8-23-67
  • LS23P8E1027**: IL Auto trans Build date 8-24-67
  • LS23P8E1053**: WY Auto trans
  • LS23P8E1054**: CA Auto trans Build date 9-13-67
  • LS23P8E1098**: CA Auto trans Build date 9-29-67
  • LS23P8E1256**: CA
  • LS23P8E1331**: ID Auto trans B5 Blue/black int. Build date 12-6-67
  • LS23P8E1331**: ##Listed Above##CA Auto trans Build date 1-10-68
  • LS23P8E1347**: UT Auto trans
  • LS23P8E1463**: UT Auto trans A/C B5 Blue/white int.
  • LS23P8E1495**: OR Auto trans Build date 4-3-68
  • LS23P8E1495**: CO Auto trans
    Odd..........notice the entries from the Miller Registry LA built cars??? All are Automatic 727 transmissions!?!?! Where are the 4 speeds? This also matches up with the GTS Registry entries. Bizarre? Quirk of Mopar?? Or was it a "West Coast" thing??? Strange anyway you look at it!



  • LS23M8B225***: GTS#87: Michael G. is now the proud owner of a 1968 M code GSS. This was a 383 car shipped to Mr. Norm at Grand Spaulding Dodge to have a 440 "wedged" between the fenders! Previous owner John G. receives credit for cooking up the idea to start a GSS Registry incorporated into the regular GTS Registry!
    Michael's GSS/GTS is a 22,000 original mile 727 console shifted 440 car. It will be returned to its original AA1 Buffed Silver Metallic and black vinyl top and interior by the time Mike completes his rotisserie resto. Former owner John traded some body work on another car for this piece of history. It is missing the original 440/727, and was sporting fenderwell headers and stretched rear wheel wells when he first found it. The GSS should be completed by winter2003/spring 2004!

  • LS23M8B225***: GTS#646-also-GSS#3: Doug S. reports having a M code 1968 Mr. Norm's GSS. He has owned the GSS since the mid-1080's. It is in pieces but will be resurrected soon. Doug sent photos of the VIN plate and fender tag which I will not display here on the GTS Registry to respect Doug's privacy. However, Doug sent period photos of the 440 and the GTS itself.

  • LS23M8B225***: GTS#169: Bill S. from Arizona and Chicago owns this neat black GSS.. This GSS was used as the prototype for the 1/18scale metal GSS collector model car!! This is one way to identify a GSS! Details about this car will be coming soon! The GSS is now awaiting a full restoration by Memory Lane Restorations. Thanks to Jim R. for the listing and pictures!

    A bit of Mr. Norm's GSS history: Thanks to Dave Goodwin, we can now show the memo sent by Dodge to order up the 48 383 GTSs that were to be converted to 440 GSS cars for Grand Spaulding Dodge. The 1968 440 GTS/GSS cars were all true "M" codes too! They were shipped to Hurst without engine. At Hurst, the 440 was dropped in, the battery was located in the trunk, and the car "finished" before being shipped to the corner of Grand and Spaulding in Chicago!

    Here is "Special Order 1.68-1703":
    This inquiry issued at the request of the Dodge Sales Division for the purpose of providing forty-eight(48) Dart GTS two-door hardtops with special A13-440 engines.

    The cars are to be programmed as regular Dart GTS with code 62 engines but built by Hamtramck Assy. less the engine, transmission, carburetor, and air cleaner. Hamtramck will dress-up Special A-13-440 engines assembled by Trenton Eng. with 383 oil pans and exhaust manifolds. The cars less powerplants and the 440 powerplants are to be shipped separately to:

    1191 E. 11 Mile Rd.
    Madison Heighs, Michigan

    The conversion company will install the special 440 powerplants. This installation to be done per instructions of Dodge Division reference J.S. Alwen memo of 11/29/67 to T.E. Henretta, and the Dodge Product Planning, reference O.S. Helland memo of 12/1/67 to E.J. Combs. The modified Dart GTS two-door hardtops are to be inspected by Dodge Service Personnel at the conversion company, then shipped directly to:

    Grand Spaulding Auto Sales, Inc.
    3300W. Grand Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60651

    Special Monroney labels and serial number plates are to be hand prepared by the Hamtramck Assembly, using "M" (Special Order 8) as the 5th digit of the serial no. for engine identification. The (48) car serial numbers will be stamped on the special engines and transmissions by Hamtramck, and the powerplant assemblies matched to cars by serial no. at the conversion co.

    Not available with undercoating

    Engineering has done development work on this installation, and thus cannot support warranty for these cars.


    This was ordered on 12-2-67 and had a Delivery Requirement listed as "HOT"


    Reference Pictures

    1967 383 GTS
    Another 1967 383 Engine Compartment
    1968 383 Magnum
    1967 Convertible Interior
    1967 Hardtop Interior
    1968 Black Hardtop Interior
    Blue 1968 front door panel and bucket seat.
    1968 convertible back seat and top!
    1968 Convert back seat side panels.
    Rare Combo: Radio Delete Plate and A/C!!
    B/RB Exhaust Manifolds.
    Grill with the elusive "Nose Piece"!
    Part Number and Diagram for "Nose Piece"
    1968 "Mag Style" caps have GRAY inserts.1969 caps used black.
    1968 Invoice used to order your "new" GTS!!!

    Check out Andy's GREAT 1967 GTS Photo Album!!
    This is Andy's 1968 GTS Photo Album! Nice reference type pictures in both of these!

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